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    WAG Australian WAG

    Hi everyone! I am quite a tall gymnast having trouble with 2 glide swing connection in lvl 4 WAG (Australia). I was wondering if I am able to do a straddle instead of pike… or do I have to pike. If anybody could get back this would be great as I have a comp in 4 1/2 weeks and I need to prepare...
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    WAG Chance of moving from intermediate group to squad at age 9/10

    Hi! I would like to say that it never hurts to ask. Just ask her coach, or her coordinator, and see what her options are. If it’s a yes, then great. If it’s a no, ask what she could improve on. Maybe the coach thinks she still needs to touch up and achieve more skills. Maybe her coach thinks she...
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    For Parents Split jump

    Hi! I’m not a parent or a coach but I am a gymnast myself, and I think your daughters issue is height. It makes sense that her split jump has a nicer form on trampoline, as she has more height to get to the proper time. Remember, in most cases (Including this one), height=time. Your daughter may...