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  1. jenposten

    For Coaches Level 7 Help!!

    Thanks, I found that out after I posted her routine, but I got it fixed :D Thanks again!
  2. jenposten

    For Coaches Level 7 Help!!

    That does help Thank You! This is what we have for her routine (hopefully I got this alright)... ~Full Turn ~Switch Leap, Split jump ~Back Handspring ~Wolf Jump ~Back walkover, Back walkover, Arabian Dismount Any input is greatly appreciated:D
  3. jenposten

    For Coaches Level 7 Help!!

    I have a level 7 gymnast that has asked me to help with her routines, but I am used to High School rules for choreography and skill requirements so...I need help:o For Beam I know she needs an Acro series of 2 A skills, a 180 degree split, a 360 degree turn and a salto dismount as well as 5...
  4. jenposten

    For Parents HELP! I need gymnastics crafts and ideas please

    So I have 40 recreational gymnasts that are ages 10-13 that we are having a Christmas Party for and I am hoping to find some cute and fun craft for them to make and take at the party... Does anyone have any ideas? I am hoping for something relativley easy to do because I only have 2 weeks to...
  5. jenposten

    First high school meet of my season!

    Good job on varsity and good luck this weekend!! :D
  6. jenposten

    Newbie here:)

    Thanks guys :D
  7. jenposten

    Newbie here:)

    Well I just found this site two days ago and I am already hooked! I am a former gymnast and for the last 11 years I have been coaching; club and high school, so needless to say I was so happy to find a forum to support my habit! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm glad to be here:D