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    For Parents How do your state meets work?

    In our state lower levels don't have a state meet. It starts with level 5 and it is difficult to make state. It's not a low qualifying score, you must finish in the top 10 at the meet that qualifies you to state. In some age groups you need a mid to high 37 to be in that top 10. I've known...
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    WAG How Confidential is a Visit to Another Gym?

    We had a bad experience leaving a gym and I took the honest approach. It didn't go over well so I can't recommend it. We spoke with the coaches and the owner because we loved and respected them. The program just couldn't offer what we were looking for. It was a situation where dd would have to...
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    For Parents Sick before a meet - what to do?

    I'm glad your DD did fine and ended up okay, but sending a kid who has been vomitting to meet to expose everyone else is not cool in my book. We have had several situations at our gym where the kids pass that stomach bug back and forth. The gym has set a very strict policy that you do not...
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    For Parents Sick before a meet - what to do?

    Coming from a parent whose child stays sick from Oct-Mar with what I affectionally call "the junk", she'll be fine. DD pretty much competes every year with it. It comes and goes. She has weeks where she has such a bad cough and so much gunk and others where she is better. It always seems to...
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    WAG Extreme training practices?

    Moves are hard and it sounds like you would have quite the journey to another gym, but it would be worth it to get your daughter out of this environment. If the other gym is not an option I would just pull my child out of gymnastics completely. I wouldn't allow her to be in that place nor would...
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    WAG Extreme training practices?

    Sorry mamaS but I fail to see how either of them were rude to you. In fact they both said what you witnessed was not acceptable and you should leave. What's rude about that? Wallflower made a very good point that we are only getting your side of the story. Like SGmom pointed out crying kids...
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    WAG First Level 5 Meet

    Wow! Here you have to score a high 36 or 37 in level 5 to qualify to state (it's a percentage not a number and you get 1 shot). Not to hijack your thread, just had no idea you could qualify with 29's, 31 etc in other places. Congrats to her for surviving that first level 5 meet. Level 5...
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    For Parents 2nd level 2 meet of the season

    Agreed. Travel for L2? Crazy. Even level 3 is not a competitive level here with placements and such. Just fun in house type stuff.
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    WAG New Fears.

    Not a coach here, but my very good friend's daughter had this fear last year of her robhsbhs after having done it for years. What helped her to finally get it back was to run less into it. She was taking 3 running steps in her routine. In general warm-up the girls always did ro and ro bhs etc...
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    WAG Coach taking out a grudge on a kid

    That is so sad! I can say that we have left a gym and not under great circumstances, feelings were hurt etc. When we see DD's old coaches at meets they love on her and congratulate her. One of her coaches even sends me a text before meets to tell her good luck. Fine people that I miss very much!
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    WAG Question for coaches and parents. Move-ups?

    I feel like DD was in a similar situation last year. The gym decided at the end of the season that everyone would repeat level 5. DD had scored very well in level 5. Scores are not everything, but if you can score a high 38 in level 5 and you have 9 months to get ready for level 6, I feel...
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    Rope Climbing?

    My daughter recently fell from the rope also. Luckily she wasn't hurt except for some bad rope burn. She was trying to switch from climbling with her legs straddled, but not being used, to her legs to the side in the pike position. When she slipped I don't think she knew how to stop herself...
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    For Parents Sending DH to the meet tomorrow

    I get the problem of not going so you get to see your other kids, but I have to say I find the idea of missing your daughter's meet because the scoring frustrates you completely ridiculous. It's just a gymnastics meet! Who cares about the scores! You can't control them. I see have seen so...
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    For Parents DD quit

    Was your DD talking about quitting for awhile? Just curious if it surprised you or not. You seem ok with the decision, but maybe she'll change her mind with some time off. Best of luck to her.
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    relationship between parents and coaches

    I was just thinking of starting a coach's appreciation thread where we could talk about how much we love our child's coach. DD has only been with her coaches since the end if February, but they are absolutely fabulous. One in particular always has time to tell me how DD is doing or just make...
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    Back hip circles

    As soon as my DD figured out to cast really big the skill was super easy for her.
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    For Parents fundraising

    Sorry I couldn't follow what you mean or what your position is.
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    For Parents To Push or not to push...that is the question

    I think it sounds like you made the right decision for your DD. Since this is a message board and I like to play devil's advocate sometimes I'm going to say this just to hear other people's opinions. My DD is young so this isn't my perspective as a mother, but my perspective from my own...
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    Competition Leotard Sizing

    I don't believe competition leos come in TD so you don't need to worry.
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    Update: Decision Made

    Totally agree. Just had to mention also from the previous poster who said let her have some fun and success. Going to the gym and progressing at whatever pace you want without any pressure of competition is fun. DD has fun every single day. She also has a taste of success every time she...