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    For Parents Back Injury Disapointment

    I am not a medical professional, so I wont give any advice there. My daughter loves art and when she has been sidelined it has been a great outlet for her. There are lots of art tutorials online which could be a fun distraction. Or perhaps some other type of crafting project? My daughter...
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    WAG Level 8 Floor

    I am seeing a lot of posts about requirements and scoring. It looks like I am not alone in my confusion! I did purchase the code of points, and I think most of the deductions were likely form related, uncharacteristic pauses, etc.. Lots of room for growth for the second meet. I will just...
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    WAG Level 8 Floor

    My daughter had her first level 8 meet of the season and I am trying to figure out if there are some compositional deductions she might have received for her routine or a reduction in start value? (I always forget to look at the card for SV!) When making the routine she was preparing for level...
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    Skills on bars have taken longer than the other events. Giants definitely took the longest so far. DD is currently working on bails and hasn't quite gotten them figured out yet so that might be right up there with giants.
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    WAG USAG DP Level 8 routine questions

    Check out This website has updated information with the 2022-2026 code of points and articles which explain composition...
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    For Parents Featured How Far are Your Average Meets?

    Our optional gymnasts typically travel a little farther than the compulsory gymnasts. Optionals:1 local meet, 2- 3hour drive, 2 4-6 hour drive and one fly away meet. Compulsory: 1 local meet 2- 1hour drive 2- 2-2/12 hour drive and 1 bigger meet that is about a 4 hr drive.
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    For Parents Level 8 Beam Question

    Thank you that helps a lot!
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    For Parents Level 8 Beam Question

    My daughter is a new level 8 this year and I am still trying to understand the requirements and deductions for beam. Her routine : full turn BHS-BHS Sissone Back tuck split jump connected to a tuck jump w/ a 3/4 turn front tuck dismount. She has had a mental block with the round-off part of...