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  1. K

    For Parents Slow down!

    Pit sounds like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place - even if you take her out of gym for a bit she'll find a way. You can't watch her 24 hours of the day. I really hope she gets better quickly. It's really easy as parents to say 'don't do that, it's dangerous or it's bad for you', but...
  2. K

    For Parents Sending DH to the meet tomorrow

    In defense of men and hair, I injured myself one day and couldn't do my own hair for work. My brother in law came to the rescue with two neat and tidy braids that stayed in for the duration of work ~4hrs of coaching. And to OP - I think you've made a good decision and you're preventing becoming...
  3. K

    OT "important tweet" thread

    and you lived to tell the story :). Hope the soreness stops soon.
  4. K

    OT "important tweet" thread

    Well in that case, Dunno can you still back flip?
  5. K

    first collective gasp of terror from viewing parents!

    Ah boys. The joy. Good luck for this season.
  6. K

    And now the boy's turn....

    Too cute:)
  7. K

    Brag! My 5 year old got her layout step-out!

    I actually thought that Coachandmum took the criticism really well with the exception of the one poster near the beginning (I would've found that post insulting too). This video is posted in the brag section (I know it was moved), but isn't that the point of the brag section? It doesn't need to...
  8. K

    WAG Important tweet!

    Aside from the safety issues, burnout issues etc, I thought I might add an alternative point of view. This isn't my own point of view and I'm not big on attention, but it is something I've remembered for a few years.. It actually came from a lecturer of mine who came from a well-respected...
  9. K

    WAG Important tweet!

    Dunno: Can you still do backflips? I think that would be more impressive :rolleyes:
  10. K

    For Parents Parenting Crisis Here...

    Find another gym. As a parent, if anyone ever treated my son like that they would know about. I'm not the most confident person, but you can bet that I'd have something to say about anyone treating a child like that. As a coach, I have seen the odd coach who is abusive, and again it's not...
  11. K

    For Parents Season over prematurely

    I do recall having a gymnast years ago who had had a stress fracture in her back at 6. i can easily say that it had nothing to do with gymnastics. Her mother told us about it when she started gymnastics. Hindsight says that the gym probably wasn't the best place for her. However, she was only...
  12. K

    For Parents Uhhhmmmm.... Head lice......?

    It could be worse... It could be gastro. I was unfortunate enough to catch head lice from one of the kids that I coached. Thankfully my son doesn't really have enough hair to get lice in because it was one nasty experience that lasted ~ a month and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I swear by tea...
  13. K

    For Parents When the monthly cost of gym equals a mortgage payment...

    I take my hat off to those of you who are sacrificing alot so that your kids can do something they love. Thankfully my boy is only 16 months and only does gymnastics once a week (so that he can climb on stuff that isn't our furniture).
  14. K

    For Parents Looking for some Gymnastic chapter/fiction books for my 8 y.o.

    I was also going to say that I read "The Gymnasts" series as a kid. I think there were about 20 in the series. I read them several times. There are several used copies on Amazon where you'll probably pay more for postage than you will for the actual book.
  15. K

    For Parents Stopping by to say hello

    That's so good that she's found other things that she enjoys. Hopefully with some physiotherapy some of these niggling things will go away.
  16. K

    For Parents DD's "school parent" drama...

    To those parents who comment on your DD being behind in reading, tell them that gymnastics is actually helping with it because it's developing her motor skills, which need to be developed in order for her to learn things like reading etc. Oh, and how many of these kids that don't do...
  17. K

    level 5 meet video

    Love it. It was very well done :D Definitely brag-worthy.
  18. K

    For Parents Venting...and don't know what to do..

    I agree with everyone else who has recommended going to a physiotherapist. There are a variety of treatments that physios use when treating backs (or anything else they treat for that matter). I hope you sort out what your daughter is going to do and that she has time to practice her kip.
  19. K

    For Parents Maybe we need a little roll call

    Hi. I'm a coach and a gym mum (DS is 1 and is in tots classes since I figured he could climb on other people's stuff). I even do a bit of gym occasionally when I'm not injured. I've been a member of chalkbucket for a while but only recently started visiting regularly (and I love it) :)
  20. K

    Too old to start?

    It's never too late to start, and to learn new skills. you may not get to a high level, but there's no reason why you can't learn some cool skills. At 27, I'm still learning new skills. because you're older you have the benefit of being able to make corrections more easily and focus better than...