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    For Parents Banned Coaches List in USA Gymnastics Magazine

    Thanks for Jeena- I don't know how I missed her. I've been spending a lot of time with "the list" this week trying to get more info on a certain individual. I googled most of the people on the list, and most of them did show up in police records and/or news articles. I feel kind of ill now...
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    For Parents Banned Coaches List in USA Gymnastics Magazine

    Which on is a woman? Dana is a man, I found a picture. And I could not find a conviction or arrest for a handful of them. The first two I did not find a conviction for via google are Doug Boger and Steve Elliot. (I could not find any info online of wrong-doing.) Does anyone know the...
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    Levels in the UK

    Hello, all- I had a parent from the UK contact me about her kids coming here, but I have no idea how their system correlates to the US level system. Her daughter is currently training 12 hours per week doing "Grades" with a view to go elite next year. The child is 8. Any help is welcome...
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    Insurance standard distance beam stations

    I agree with GymDog- Insurance companies do not set equipment standards. USA-Gymnastics does not set specific guidelines either, because it depends on the activities the beams are being used for. I'm sorry about your dd though- I hope she heals up well. Maybe you could approach the...
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    Management jobs?

    Yes, that would be a problem in most places. The customers at the gym you're working at would wonder why the gym wasn't "good enough" for you.
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    How much does a gym have to accomodate a child with a disability?

    Private businesses do not have to accept or make special accomodations for any students, special needs or not. However, many gyms do make accomodations depending on the needs of the child. We offer a special needs class for kids ages 5-9. We have had kids do private lessons. Some parents...
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    Gym problems - Suggestions please

    I answered you in the other thread as well, but there is more alarming information over here! The owners of your gym really sound like they are messing up. The booster club should be setting the spending limits. The gym owners should not be telling the booster club how to operate, and they...
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    Eliminating a Booster Club

    I know this is an older post, but I have been gone for a while so bear with me... The gym owners cannot dissolve the booster club as it is a separate entity, but they can stop doing business with the booster club. If they stopped doing business with the booster club, the bc could just meet at...
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    For Parents Upset and venting

    Before you get too upset at the coach, let me tell you my dd's story... My dd worked through pain as a level 8, and it turns out she was not telling her coach how much pain she was in. Dd told *me* she told the coach, but when we had a meeting with dd, coach, and me, it was clear that dd was...
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    "Chalked Up" by Jennifer Sey

    Exactly my point. In the book exerpt on the NPR link, Hope Spivey falling of beam is greatly dramatized (in my opinion.) Falling off beam at National Championships is a bigger deal than usual- I've done it- but still not as big a drama as written.
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    "Chalked Up" by Jennifer Sey

    I just heard about this book a couple days ago. I found this interview on Interview with Jennifer Sey, "Chalked Up" | Salon Life There was also a book review on Amazon that called in "Gymnastics' version of a Million Little Pieces." The interview linked above makes me think the...
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    For Parents Getting to know each other thread...

    Hello, fellow gymnastics parents- I have two daughters in gymnastics, ages 10 and 13. They have both been in gymnastics since parent/tot classes. They are levels 6 and 8. I am a coach, so it's easy to juggle my job and their gymnastics ;). I love pretty much everything about gymnastics...
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    New to the Board

    Hello, all- I've been lurking here for a couple weeks, and y'all seem like a great group of parents, gymnasts, and coaches. So I joined! I live in the Rocky Mountain region of the US. I have two daughters in gymnastics, and I also coach. Looking forward to participating in good...