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  1. Quadqueen

    WAG When it feels like everything is falling apart

    Seems like you have received some great advice here. Just wanted to add - I assume she has been to a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor who has not just dismissed her pain as "chronic shin splints." My daughter has had stress fractures in her shins more than once - they are much more serious...
  2. Quadqueen

    WAG Temporary training facility announced

    My daughter is no longer in gym but in her current sport, the big meets/nationals are also in far flung places. We too had to go to Greensboro this year! No direct flights, flights costing $500 - and we are on the east coast! So no location is ever going to make everyone happy. (but a major...
  3. Quadqueen

    For Parents L10 Senior losing interest in college

    Yes, the way I understood it was that the scholarships are for one year only. They have to be renewed every year. Otherwise, if they have a limited number of scholarships and several injuries, they could feasibly not be able be able to field an entire team.
  4. Quadqueen

    For Parents L10 Senior losing interest in college

    Not necessarily true in all sports, but maybe is the case in gymnastics, I don't know.
  5. Quadqueen

    For Parents L10 Senior losing interest in college

    This has to be so hard for all of you parents whose children have made it to L10 and either decided they were done or their bodies decided for them. My DD was only L8 and in 6th grade when a couple of big injuries convinced her to move on to other sports. She is excelling at another sport now...
  6. Quadqueen

    WAG Competition leo cost

    My DD moved on to different sports a few years ago, but I don't miss this! Her gym's leo was pretty blingy and they got new leos EVERY year! Money was no object to the gym....because it was our money :rolleyes:.
  7. Quadqueen

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    Yes, it was just 7 competitors from each state in Region 6, regardless of age. Top 7 across all age groups. That was when my DD was L7 a few years ago. They take many more qualifiers to regionals for L7 today.
  8. Quadqueen

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    This was four years ago. The year my daughter was L7 was the first year they had regionals at that level, and they've since made it easier to qualify, that's all I'm saying. Not a whole has changed skill wise since then. Not saying it's easy today, just that at least those who aren't phenoms...
  9. Quadqueen

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    Sounds like it is much easier to qualify to L7 regionals now, since they take more than seven from each state.
  10. Quadqueen

    WAG Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    All I know is, you are lucky if your DD is L7. When my DD was L7 in Region 6, they only sent the top seven across all age groups, so 7 per state.
  11. Quadqueen

    WAG Live scoring for MSO

    If you read carefully, it says it's free to post the scores, not see the scores. I also got stopped by the paywall last night.
  12. Quadqueen

    WAG Level 8 Beam Series

    ^^Yes, my DD did BWO+BHS as her series in L8, then had a separate back tuck.
  13. Quadqueen

    WAG Why Does Shawn Johnson Lie So Much In Her Speeches?

    The same thing happened to us at a meet and greet with Aly Raisman....she totally didn't want to be there and didn't talk to the kids or look at them after we waited in an hour long line. Happened a few years ago. I guess they can all be "not in the mood" after doing millions of those things..
  14. Quadqueen

    WAG Tibia Stress Fracture

    My DD, no longer in gymnastics, had a stress fracture in her shin this spring during another sport season. She was out of sports for approximately ten weeks. She swam mostly during that time. She made a complete recovery.
  15. Quadqueen

    For Parents How to watch Classics

    You can also connect your laptop to your TV and watch through your TV. We do it all the time.
  16. Quadqueen

    For Parents Totally off topic question...when did you have your DD start shaving her legs??

    Mine started on her own when she was 10. We use the disposable blade type.
  17. Quadqueen

    WAG Scoliosis?

    While 35 degrees would not be considered "mild," I don't think you can automatically assume it's the end of her career. My DD had mild scoliosis (less than 20 degrees), and the doctor said gymnastics can only HELP the situation. Our doctor also said she would be done growing by two years after...
  18. Quadqueen

    For Parents forced a gym switch -are they happy?

    I did it when my daughter was 9 and about to start level 7. She fought me and fought me, but there was no way she was going to continue to progress in the old gym. The first couple of days were hard, but within a few months, she thanked me and said she couldn't imagine not being at the new...
  19. Quadqueen

    For Parents When are they supposed to sleep?

    In New England?? I'm surprised.