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    gymnastics or family life fun

    We too, have scheduling issues. I have four very active children. Luckily my boys are in sports that aren't year-round, even though they play multiple seasons (baseball, football, soccer). My youngest daughter is in T-ball again this year. She wanted to play softball but my husband is the...
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    For Parents Level hopping TQM

    I agree that somethign should be done. There are so many 2nd year L4s that my daughter competes againts. This last meet, 7 of 12 were 2nd years. Every score for everyone of the 7 was a 9+ on each event. My daughter got a 9.45 on vault but only got 6th place. she didn't even place on any...
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    Level 4 bar deduction ??

    Speaking form experience from my oldest, they lose .5 if they continue on past on mill circle, they would also get .3 for adding an extra element I believe.
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    Daughters training

    I know my daughter is pretty ripped too. Is your daughter overly sore or tired from the conditioning?? If not, I have heard that the more conditioned, the lesser the chance of injury. That may be why your gym is conditioning that much. Our gym conditions a lot but not extreme.
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    shoot thru's

    My daughter had a lot of difficulty with this as well. The one tip she was told that immediately clicked adn got them for her is to lean forward.
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    For Parents Awesome meet!!!

    Great job!!!
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    For Parents Sibling competition

    I am struggling with this as well. My 10 yo L4 and my 6 yo L3 will be switching gyms in teh next couple of weeks. The new gym has a lot smaller team (same size as L4 at current gym) for all levels. At the new gym they will practice at teh same times and they all warm up and condition...
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    For Parents Anyone competing this weekend?

    my L4 dd's results So, we went to our biggest meet of the season. DD is 10 yo L4. She had a good meet but was only one element from great. UB-9.05-did not place BB-7.3 (fall on dismount twice plus not having dismount= -1.6 on that one element) FX-8.85 (seemed a little...
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    For Parents How to read scores??

    She did great!!! I have never seen a L2 floor routine as we only have level3 and up in our state that compete. That is a great score for a 4 year old!! A 32 or higher qualifies you for the state competition here so her score is great!
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    For Parents Discouraged

    I agree too, that if a girl doesn't ahve the skill she shouldn't have been put at that level. It is just going to get her frustrated. My oldest dd has struggled with teh RO-BHS. She has a fear of going backwards. We have found that it just taken hundreds of repeatitions for her to get...
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    For Parents Getting Ready to Switch Gyms

    Thanks!! There are many parents frustrated with our current gym for the same reasons as us. I know of one other pulling her daughter out of pre-team and putting her in cheer after being told she may be in Level 2 another year to pass everything (8 skills left). This girl has been in L2...
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    For Parents Trampoline

    We purchased a trampoline this past summer. We got a 13 ft. square with an enclosure attached. I wouldn't have one without an enclosure. We have the rules that they 1)Have to have an adult present 2) that adult must give permission 3)only one kid it at a time 4)enclosure has to be zipped...
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    For Parents Breaking down age groups

    We have seen this at some meets we go to as well. It is really frustrating for those lumped!
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    For Parents Getting Ready to Switch Gyms

    Update OK, well, it is final. My youngest's session is up Feb 29 and state for my oldest is on March 8-9. My youngest has all but 3 of the level 4 skills yet won't be allowed to compete next season at current gym, nor do they spend much time no those skills so it is detrimental for us to get...
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    For Parents Meet fees

    Here (Indiana) we pay usually $40-50 for L4. Most meets it is $4-6 for an adult and either free or $2 for kids. The exception to this is a huge meet in Indy. There are over 3000 gymnasts from all over, it is $75 entry fee and $15 to enter for adults, $6 for kids. It is a huge meet that takes...
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    My daughter was told to lay on the floor in a tuck position and rock, BUT you need to put about a 5 lbs weight on your abdomin to make it challenging. Rock until you can't rock any more and then stop and do it again, this has really made a difference in her abdominal muscles.
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    For Parents Private lessons

    Privates The main people that do privates in our gym are girls that are struggling on something and need a little extra to get over a hump. My dds have had a couple of private lessons over the years but they were either to build confidence, learn a difficult skill, or work on a skill so they...
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    For Parents Gymnast height (for you ingymmom)

    My girls At their check ups in Sept, my 10 yo L4 was 52 inches tall and weighed 57 lbs. My 6 yo L3 was 45 inches tall and 43 lbs. My oldest is in 5th grade and most of her friends are a head taller than her. The crazy thing is that I am 5' 9" and my DH is 5' 11".