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    WAG Slippery feet on floor......?

    CoachMeg, the carpet is not new! I believe it is the same one as when she started gymnastics 11 years ago! It is her issue. The other girls are fine (she thinks because they sweat). Is there any type of sticky spray she could try?
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    WAG Slippery feet on floor......?

    Thanks CoachMeg. She said chalk makes it even more slippery.
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    WAG Slippery feet on floor......?

    My dd 17 is having a hard time on floor all of a sudden. She said her feet don't sweat and are very soft (she does not put lotion on them). When she front tumbles and tries to land, her feet are slipping and she ends up on her butt. She said she should be able to land the passes, she is...
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    WAG Bun doughnuts

    I have been doing a modification (due to lack of of the Sophia bun. What I do is high pony tail, put the donut on and then distribute the hair. Then put a hair tie around the bun twice to hold it tight. Then with all the hair hanging down, I do a quick french braid and circle it...
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    OT Hands-on gymnastics project?

    My daughter has done a few cool projects for math class. She took videos at gym of skills and made power points about the physics behind tumbling and swinging bars. She is in high school. Teacher and classmates loved it!
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    WAG What percent of Level 4's stay with the sport until graduation?

    MaryA, I am thinking the same way you are. It would be neat to analyze gymnasts. For example: My dd did L4 7 years ago with a team of 14 (my dd being the 2nd oldest). There are 2 currently in the gym today. The rest have moved on. The other girl still competing is in 8th grade, my dd in...
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    WAG What percent of Level 4's stay with the sport until graduation?

    I have been reading a lot of aspiring young gymnast/parents posts about elite intentions. These posts made me wonder about longevity. I also know this will be a very unscientific question, just looking for your opinions from your experience. Coaches/Parents: What percent of your level 4 team...
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    For Parents How to get your gymmie in bed as quickly as possible on gym nights

    Just wait until your kids are in AP classes in high school. They get home at 9:30 from gym and get a shower and say "mom, I wish I could just go to bed, I am so tired, but I have to study more...."
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    For Parents does your gymnast have outside activities?

    I have been reading this thread for a while now and am going to give you all my thoughts. Many of you may not agree, but here it goes. My dd is a junior in high school. She started on a Level 4 team with about 15 girls. There are about 2 left in the gym, and the 2 that are left were...
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    For Parents Balancing gymnastics and academics

    I agree with the comment that it all works out, but I will add, one way or another :) My dd is 16 yo level 9. She goes to a very academically aggressive school. She is taking AP classes. She has a lot of work and I worried how will she keep up? She uses every free minute of her day to...
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    WAG Attitude in the gym....

    I have one of these kids too! Not a gymnast, but my basketball player. She is very tough on herself. You can read her body language like an open book (and you always could ever since she was a toddler). If she gets taken out to the game, you can read her displeasure. If the coach is talking...
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    WAG Experiences with injury recovery time?

    I hope your dd bounces back quickly. My dd had a major crash doing a straddleback to handstand. Came straight down on her head. Ended up breaking her rib. It was a very long recovery. Not much conditioning you can do with a broken rib. She conditioned when she could, but it was about 8...
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    For Parents Need help with Level 9 daughter's chronic groin issue

    This is so interesting. I could have written your post, right down to the specific skills that causes the pull. That snapping your legs together action causes the stabbing pain that brings tears to her eyes. She is fine by the next practice or even later that same practice sometimes, but it...
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    WAG Elbow Fracture - Looking for info on what to expect

    My non gymnastics daughter had something very similar to what you and sparky are describing. Took the head of the humerous off, displaced and rotated. I believe it was called a Supracondylar humerus fracture. Very close to the nerve. She was 7 then and now at 12 has a fulling functioning...
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    WAG Bruised Ribs?

    Anyone have experience trying to come back from bruised ribs? DD had a bad crash on bars 3 weeks ago. Went for xrays and it did not show a break, so we are assuming it is just bruised. Not much they can do for ribs either way. She has been taking it easy and trying to do some conditioning...
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    For Parents Hopes and Dreams for 2013

    I just want my dd to be happy! (Level 9 15 year old) and so far she is. She is really struggling on all events, but she is able to see small improvements at each meet. She completely gets it is not about the score and I hope that continues all season. She is winning a lot of battles over...
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    For Parents Tummy troubles

    I was leaning towards stress too. I hate this time of year. Just before meet season starts. They are all a bundle of nerves and fears. Maybe now that she is talking about it, she will be able to manage it better. Best of luck!
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    WAG Level 9 Training and Season

    My DD is also a 1st year L9 that doesn't seem quite ready. She has not done a full bar routine yet. Other events are coming along. We train 18 hours per week. I have always felt an extremely efficient 15 hours a week will be more beneficial than a unefficient 18 hours a week.
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    WAG Optional Level Gymnasts Beginning Freshman Year & Burnout

    I haven't posted in a really long time, but just wanted to chime in here. Dunno, as usual, has it down to a science. My dd is not a rock star gymnast. She works hard and is a middle of the packer. She is a L9, 10th grader. She switched to an extremely challenging private school last year...