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    Old Meet Shirt Ideas?

    I made my daughter a tee shirt quilt out of hers, over 40 tee shirts collected over 10 years. front and back are covered
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    For Parents Reminder for parents - Meet Etiquette

    Our booster club had to pay the gym for the use of it for meets, as they were loosing money on not having birthday parties, so having an outside venue is not the only time a cost is incurred. it is something you might not think about, though. I was manning the door to the gym one time at a...
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    A different kind of crazy gym mom...aka ME

    If you order the GK consignment package to sell at your meet, they will send you free scrunchies to put in your goody bags. That is the wa we always did it.
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    For Parents Ganglion cyst surgery?

    My Daughter has one on the top of her foot. the pain comes and goes. Apparently when it shifts it presses on a nerve. She refused to have it drained, hates needles, so she just lives with the issue. I would sometimes really bother her when vaulting. I think it was the way the pressure was when...
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    For Parents Prep Op and Level 6 concerns...please read and comment :)

    Our gym used to do compulsory and prep op, the prep op were the ones they considered more "talented" and who they would move up faster. Now they ony do prep op and the others who don't want to come to the gym as much do AAU. Our gym scores out of 5 and 6, and the girls either do prep platinum or...
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    Parties mixing gymnastics friends with school friends?

    A pool party works well for this situation. Our daughters are 5 years apart in age, and their birthdays are 3 weeks apart. We always had one large pool party for all their friends. Invited everyone, friends from church, school, sports, girl scouts, everyone, their parents and siblings. We rented...
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    My Daughters gym was similar in saying they required a press handstand to move up starting at level 5. My daughter is now a level 10 and still cannot do one!
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    Homemade leos

    There is a website called that you can order fabric from, Make sure it is a 4 way stetch, that works the best.
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    Chalk Bucket Upgraded to vBulletin 4

    Are you still going to have the feature where you can just see new posts. I always used that feature as it let me see the ones that had been updated since the last time I was on.
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    Coaches Fees

    $100 a day for food seems a bit much. Is that for the whole weekend or per day? Our coaches usually stay in hotels that offer breakfast, and they get fed at the meets, so usually only one meal to purchase and if at the meet all day they can get fed breakfast, lunch and dinner for free. But even...
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    A package of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix. Add 1 teaspoon Almond extract and 1 bag of dried cherries. Easy and delicious
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    Prep Opt & Elite Track?

    Our Gym does not do compulsory 4,5 or 6, they do Prep Op and score the girls out of the compulsories. The coaches like it better, and the girls do to, they love having their own floor routines, for some of the lower levels the coach uses the same music, but as they get up in the levels they get...
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    Where to buy colored wristbands?

    My Daughter has some pale pink ones and some red ones, they are NIKE brand. I got them at one of their outlets.
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    Good luck everyone, my daughter competes at noon on Saturday in Region 8.
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    Go to Prep Opt. or Level 5

    Our gym also only does the prep op program and scores the girls out of 5 and 6. The girls practice the same amount of time that the compulsory girls did when they had 2 seperate teams. The girls love it, and it must be working for our gym, at the state meets our gym got 1st place team for all...
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    Any forum problems - post them here

    Several times today I was on page 1 of a thread, and when I tried to go to page 2, I got the Internet Explorer cannot display this page message.
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    Gyms in Virginia

    I went to JMU, it is a great school. There used to be a NCAA team there, but it was disbanded. Some of the girls went on to the club team and some transfered to other schools. The coach for the team coached some rec classes, but I'm not sure if he did it on campus or at an outside facility. I...
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    North Carolina HS Graduation Project

    We are also in NC and our DD's school doesn't even start with the project until the spring of their JR year. They get it approved then, and can do their community service over the summer and have the fall to do their papers and projects, then they present it the spring of their SR year. She is...
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    Is anyone watching now?

    I tried to watch, but it came up with a message of "unavailable in my area"
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    Booster Club Question

    Below are the positions we have on our board and their descriptions, I am working on nominations right now, so I just copied this from our info sheet. We currently don't have term limits, We are just glad to get anyone who will decide to run and help out. Our coaches and families make their own...