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    For Parents Monthly tuition cost?

    Reading everyone's replies makes me feel better about what we pay. My dd is in R5, and L6/L7/Xcel all train 10.5 hrs per week, and the monthly fee is $235. Booster fees were $975.00 this year and include meet fees, coaches expenses, backpack and end of season awards banquet. Warm-up and...
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    For Parents Not moving up levels due to other sports

    Wow. My dd never would have made it as far as she has with a no other sports policy at her gym. She's doing gymnastics and travel softball this year. Plus, she's tried all of the sports offered for girls through the CYO sports program at our church. I think if I had only limited her to...
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    For Parents Did I forget anything? Packing for Flip Fest

    Definitely bug spray! My dd hasn't had problems. In addition to mosquitos, a friend of ours came home with a few ticks when she went a couple years ago.
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    For Parents Booster Club Question

    Same for us. Board members are elected, and the owner is some kind of honorary or non-voting member. I've been on the board for 2 years now, and I don't think the owner has been to more than 1 or 2 meetings at the most.
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    WAG Missing Workout before meet?

    It was big in Arkansas when I grew up too although that's been a while. :-)
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    WAG Energym wants your help!!!

    Okay this topic of floor music suggestions has gotten me to thinking about lots of songs, especially since my dd gets new music next year. :) I'd love to see the Celia Cruz song "La Vida es un Carnaval" turned into floor music. I love this song. The beginning of the song becomes a bit repetitive...
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    WAG Energym wants your help!!!

    I second Train's 50 ways to say Goodbye especially with a mix of the mariachi type music in it.
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    Unique floor skills?

    My dd does a back walkover but instead of putting her hands on the floor she bends her elbows and puts her forearms on the floor. She then lands on her knees like kneeling on the floor and pushes off her toes toes to stand up. It's hard to explain but hopefully you get what I mean.
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    Summer Camp Time

    DD is at Flip Fest this week. She went to Lake Owen a couple years ago with a friend whose mom worked the camp. She liked it there but it's about a 12 drive while Flip Fest is a little under 6 hours away.
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    Flip Fest Camp!!

    My daughter is going week 2 which starts on June 3rd. She's been the last 2 years as well and just loves it. I drove DD down the 1st year, but she rode down with a friend last summer and she is riding down with another friend this time too, so it's been a while for me to remember everything...
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    For Parents How Many Leotards is Enough or Too Much?

    Hmm....Think I'll go on ebay and take a look at some leos. DD is starting to outgrow some of hers. :D
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    Feeling of wanting to "Move on"

    I don't have anything to add to the many replies you've already received containing lots of good advice. However, I did want to send some hugs your way to help get you through the tough times.
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    For Parents Leotard Wedgies- ack!

    I agree. My youngest dd has the same problem, and it's not just her leos.
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    For Parents It's that time of the year again... Regionals???

    Congrats to your daughter. She did great, even with the fall. Regionals seems pretty intense. My dd and I volunteered working it this past weekend since her gym was hosting. We've never to been to a meet like that before, and dd and I both had fun getting to watch some of it.
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    WAG Xcel Program

    My daughter is currently in xcel in region 5. Not every gym in our state treats it the same way though. We've been at some meets where you can tell that some of the gyms use it more as an alternative rec program and practice less. Dd's gym uses it more in place of L6 as well as for some girls...
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    How many hours a week?

    Ditto for my dd's gym. Our hours are less than many other gyms at most levels, and the L6, L7 and prep-ops practice 10.5 hrs per week. I don't know exactly how many hours the optionals go, but it seems to be enough because the 9's and 10's both won state this past weekend.
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    grips: need recommendation for wide ones with buckles

    I'm not sure that I'm exactly answering your question, but both of my dd's have worn Bailie grips. My older dd preferred the regular width single buckle grips. My youngest dd started in a pair of narrow width velcro Bailie grips. Both kinds lasted a long time. I just replaced youngest dd's grips...
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    For Parents Well, How did Everyone's Kids do At States?

    Congrats to all who competed state this past weekend. Sounds like there is lots to be proud of. It was a great state meet weekend here. The L9's and 10's from dd's gym were state team champs again this year which was great news. DD competed xcel and had her best meet ever. Usually there's...
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    For Parents Team Gifts for State Meet?

    QUOTE=Empowered;191320] I also always give my daughter an encouragement card before States. I sneak it into her gym bag just to remind her how awesome I think she is, even if the judges don't always agree with my assessment... HA! What a great idea. I might have to use this idea this weekend...
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    For Parents Team Hairstyles

    Fortunately my dd's gym only requires that hair be pulled away from the face. If it's not an 8am meet, I usually french braid dd's hair in 2 braids. If it's an 8am, then I have to her hair the night before, and we go with something simpler. My dd also has long, very thick hair, and we've done...