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    WAG Level for cast to handstand?

    My dd could cast to handstand, straight or straddle, in level 4, in that she could cast up to a handstand, but controlling the descent took a while. She could kip-cast to handstand in level 5 but it was inconsistent, and coming down from a vertical position and connecting it to anything was a...
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    For Parents Do you "reward" your kid?

    We don't do rewards generally. I have given a token reward in the past as a carrot for a skill that she was super close to getting, and her coach has done this too on occasion... but this occurred mainly when she was younger - it's been a few years and she's established a good work ethic now...
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    For Parents How to wash a competition Leo?

    Sounds like I'm in the minority, but I just wash her Leo and warmups in the washer on a regular cycle and hang dry. I do turn them inside out to protect the bling. They have held up fine, but her leo is a thicker, not-so-delicate material. If it had any mesh I would put it in a bag before...
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    For Parents has anyone seen this little gymmie yet???

    Oh, my heart. Thanks for sharing. She's amazing.
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    For Parents Elbow Fracture - What to Expect

    So sorry! My dd fractured her elbow at 7. It was a very mild fracture compared to your dd; it was only casted for 3 weeks and then in a sling for a couple more before she was able to start easing back into things. She was able to compete a month after the cast was removed. The biggest issue...
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    For Parents Help! Bun keeps falling out at competitions

    Have you tried a hairagami? I use one of these on dd's long, slippery hair. Then double wrap a big scrunchy around it. That bun isn't...
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    For Parents Any suggestions for full turn on the beam?

    What helped my dd: making sure weight is over the front foot when taking off, pulling up and holding tension in the body and arms during the turn.
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    WAG First Dowel Grips Question - help make our decision?

    My tiny handed dd started with reisports because that's what her coach likes. Yes, they are bulkier, and she lost her kip for a bit when she transitioned. But wow, these grips have longevity! She has been wearing the same pair for 2.5 years. They have grown with her and she grew to love them. :)
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    For Parents Arm length and casting to handstand?

    You know, my dd has a very long torso, and bars has always been her best event. :)
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    For Parents Not feeling well

    Did they do a quick swab or send it to a lab to be cultured? The reason I ask is that my daughter had strep once and her only symptoms were a stomach ache, headache, and on/off low-grade fever. The quick throat swab was negative; there just wasn't enough bacteria in her throat. But when the...
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    WAG Wasn't prepared for Severs frequency

    My kid with severs is a dancer. She has had it on and off for three years. The very, very best thing I have found for her is to keep her calf muscles from getting tight by massaging them... a lot. This is the main trigger for her. Her calves get tight, which pull on her Achilles, which put...
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    WAG skills discrepancy

    I think you are on to something. My dd has a very strong upper body and a streamlined lower half, with shorter legs. She can really fly on those bars, and usually gets all of her bars skills for the next level before she has all floor and beam skills. Her weight ratio especially makes front...
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    WAG Level 7 Vault

    Interesting! Our group (training levels 4/5) has been working front timers for a while (nice to have a name to put with the skill!). Definitely helping them block better! They also work front tucks and layouts off the springboard over a soft block which seems to be helping them develop a strong...
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    For Parents What traits does a talanted preschool gymnast have?

    I feel that throughout our gym years, my dd has changed, and so have I. When she was a preschooler, she was tiny, strong, and flexible, and joined pre-team at 4. It is so easy to get caught up with all the other gym parents with stars in their eyes, wondering if your kid has "it." As the...
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    For Parents Does your child have a 'fallback' sport?

    Ballet/dance. She recently told me that next fall she wants to take 3 ballet classes a week. And maybe jazz too. Umm...when were you thinking we would squeeze those in? LOL
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    For Parents Dowel Hand Guards (Reisport)

    My Dd got her dowel grips a couple weeks after she got her kip. It's a rite of passage at our gym. She has tiny hands, and wears a reisport 00. It took her 3 months to be able to do a kip with them on. I think it was a combination of hand size, hand strength, the width and thickness of the...
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    For Parents Spinoff-how many left?

    I responded in the other thread, but I'll respond here too. Seven girls started training brand new L3 3 years ago. Of the seven, one moved and is at another gym, one moved to Excel, two quit, and the remaining three are training L5. Most of the quitting happened after a rough first L4 season...
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    For Parents Feeling sentimental

    I was recently looking at a photo of dd's group when they all started training level 3 together. Now they are heading into level 5. Of the original seven girls, one moved away, one switched to Excel, and two quit. So sad!! :(
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    For Parents Uptraing... what is learned at what level

    Dd is a level 4, training level 5 now. They have been doing flyaway drills and spotted flyaways for nearly a year. She's had her cast handstand for a while and started doing giants on strap bar a few months ago, but they probably started drills for those a year ago too. She has all of her...
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    For Parents Severe Sever's?

    My gymnast has never dealt with severs but my ballet dancer has. Here is what helped her: 1. Wearing gel heel cups in her tennis shoes (only shoes she was allowed to wear) 2. Never walking around barefoot, even at home 3. Nightly calf massages 4. Epsom salt baths and/or natural calm magnesium...