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    OT Going to miss it...

    School is over. I'm pretty depressed actually. I will more than likely never play basketball in a team again. How sad is that? I knew it was coming to an end, but it didn't really hit me until I got my diploma. Damn.... I don't know, part of me will just miss the whole competition aspect of a...
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    OT College

    I would look for a school that fits your personality, big school small school, city country, that sorta stuff...its not all about the team and the major, there are so many of those you should make the decision based on how much you like the school as a whole.
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    OT poem

    haha, well good luck with your team
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    OT Please Help Me Before I start to cry....

    glad you figured it out... I was totally lost as to how to help
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    OT funny videos

    hahaha, some great stuff in here
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    OT Need everyones help and support!

    oh of course I voted... tell him to keep at it!!
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    OT what else?

    I like to do sports with my friends a lot just for fun
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    OT funny videos

    I love this guy! He's the best ventriloquist i've ever seen
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    OT Need everyones help and support!

    I think that essay is great!
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    OT Human Tetris!

    That is so awesome!
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    OT funny videos

    lol !