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    WAG Need help to fix a hypo extended knee to avoid deductions! Thank you...

    Hey guys, I get deducted for that my knees aren’t straight. But my problem is that when I fully straighten it, it seems bent. I think this is called a hypo extention? Anyways, does somebody have a stretching exercice, or any other method to help me? Thank you very much for a response! :);)
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    WAG Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    I can’t help you for a sole circle, but for the back hip: - after casting, try to lean backwards - get your hip back to the bar - keep your arms straight - stay in a tight body position If you do all those things, the back hip circle should probably do itself. And if you feel a bit insecure...
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    WAG Arm problems in back walkovers

    She should perhaps just practice her bridge from the stand, a good drill would also be to walk her hands down a wall until she touches the ground and does a bridge? When I practiced my balk walkover, looking at my hands while going down and focusing on keeping my arms straight helped. And for...