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  1. annakat

    WAG Switch leap

    Anyone have tops for a straighter back leg in switch leaps?
  2. annakat

    WAG Shorts at practice

    The coach saw gymnasts wearing them and asked for us to take them off since it’s not part of dress code
  3. annakat

    WAG Shorts at practice

    Yeah not sure why it’s not allowed :)
  4. annakat

    WAG Shorts at practice

    Does anyone know where to find the usag safe sport rule saying gymnasts can wear shorts despite what coaches say?
  5. annakat

    WAG Handstand shape

    My handstands are pretty archy, anyone have tips on how to tighten them?
  6. annakat

    WAG Clear Hip Help!

    I used to have a really nice Cclear hip above horizontal, but then I stopped working them in the summer and hurt my back and it has become more of a back hip circle that’s pikey :( anyone have tips on how to drop well to get my clear hip back to above horizontal? Thanks!
  7. annakat

    WAG Toe point exercises

    I Am trying to improve my toe point, it’s okay but could be better. I have been doing the warmup stretch where you bend your knees and sort of sit on your heels but I haven’t see much improvement. Anyone have better exercises? Thanks!
  8. annakat

    Back handspring stepout split help

    I’m trying to improve my stepout in my Bhs. I’ve been trying for years to split earlier so I have that beginning shape but I just can’t and I’m jot sure what to do. I have an okay split it’s not totally down and I’ve been trying to stretch my back more for flexibility there as well. I just feel...