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    WAG Avoiding Burn Out

    Thank you for all your feedback. It is great to know what the general standard is in terms of hours and expectations for levels 4 and 5. DD is a very hard worker (i.e. does all the reps etc) and I could see that going 5 days was making her exhausted. She is one of the youngest in her squad -...
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    WAG Long Term Athlete Development in Gymnastics

    I cannot like this post enough. The mental resilience of an 8-9 year old is very different to a 11-12 year old. I only wish that gyms would consider the athlete in a holistic manner - skill capacity as well as mental resilience/capacity.
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    WAG Avoiding Burn Out

    Thank you for your response. I love how you talk about advocating for your child. Our gym 'rewards' kids for attendance - so recognition for quantity rather than quality (i.e. focus during training). In my eyes, 8 years old is still quite young and I want to make sure I fill her cup in all areas...
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    WAG Avoiding Burn Out

    Hello Community! By way of background, my DD is 8 years old, Level 4, aiming for Level 5 (Australia). The gym we attend, the expectation is that they attend 5 days per week at 3.5 hours per session. This means she is at school 9-3pm and then at the gym from about 3:30pm-7pm, 5 days a week...
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    For Parents Gymnastics equipment @ Home?

    We were given some thin crash mats from my friend's kids who did Hapkido and this was perfect for her to muck around and do some fun tumbling and stretching (e.g. splits, bridges, walkovers, forward rolls etc). We also have a floor beam which she rarely uses - however it came in handy when she...
  6. Q

    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    Thank you for your insights. I can definitely see that at our gym - it's funny though, they complain about not having many level 7+ however they don't really spend time with the level 3's engaging and maintaining them in the sport.
  7. Q

    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    Yes i have noticed that there are a lot of level 3's and 4's. Why do you think that is the case? There are very few level 5-7s at our gym...
  8. Q

    For Parents Best leo brands?

    Syliva P - exxy but fantastic quality. Thick stretchy fabric and cut well.
  9. Q

    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    NSW Level 4 - 10.5 to 13.5 hours per week I actually feel like this is a bit on the high side for level 4...
  10. Q

    WAG Different Names of Starting Hurdles

    Sorry i don't have a list but I have also heard it being called a "power start" rather than a hurdle..?
  11. Q

    WAG Lvl 3 rushing routines

    Just speaking as a parent here...totally normal for a 6 year old. I found when my girl was that age she was just concentrating on remembering the actual routine and steps. I find that the older they get the more 'polish' they have. Also, like the other posters, taking part in dance might help...