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  1. KillerKyah

    Can anyone give their opinions on these two floor musics? I can't choose!

    I like 63 more because of the drama and my affinity for Bond movies. 24 seems like the type to get people's hands clapping, though. It depends on which type of mood you want your routine to have.
  2. KillerKyah

    American Cup(spoiler alert!)

    I found a site where I could host the photos in higher quality and have them visible to anyone. 2011 AT&T American Cup Gymnastics - Imgur
  3. KillerKyah

    American Cup(spoiler alert!)

    I was there! =D It's was so wonderful to be there in person. In person you just get such a connected feeling with the crowd and the competitors. Have to say it's one of those days that I will be remembering for a very long time. I took a lot of photos, some of everyone, though mostly American...
  4. KillerKyah

    A new this week I accomplished.....

    I went to the gym Wednesday, so that's something. lol It was really awkward at first since I'm still transitioning to the "doing everything on my own" point, and I had no idea what to do when I got to the gym. After that initial awkwardness, things got better though. I warmed up a bit...
  5. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    6/10 Very bright and sunny, but also really busy to me
  6. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    8/10 I like the design, but I kinda wish there were a third color and maybe something on the other sleeve.
  7. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    8/10 - I like the colors and the idea of the design, I just think it looks a bit too tiger-like.
  8. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    8/10 Love the colors, but the design seems unbalanced. Maybe if it had something on the left sleeve.
  9. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    7/10 I really like the design, but I'm not so sure about the colors. Rhythmic is always dressed beautifully.
  10. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    5/10- I'm not fond of the color scheme. If's the top portion was blue, then maybe, or if the print fabric didn't have that brown shade. I do like the little silver dots though. They give it a bit more flair. Sorry the picture is small. Leo's from the GK 08 Christmas collection. I wanted it so...
  11. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    8/10 - I really like that one, though it is a tad plain and I like the purple more
  12. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    6/10 I don't really know, there's just something that I don't like about those. I've felt that way since I fist saw them.
  13. KillerKyah

    OT Score the Leo (repost)

    I wasn't the original poster of this thread idea, but I quite enjoyed it, so I'm reposting. The idea is that you rate the leo above you on a scale of 1-10, 1 being greatly disliked and 10 being loved. Then you post your own leo photo to be ranked. I couldn't find the last leo that was posted...
  14. KillerKyah

    Who was the best when you were born?

    Kim Zmeskal, Shannon Miller, Romania, and the EUN (former USSR). It was EUN, Romania, and USA coming in first, second, and third, respectively, in that Olymipcs.
  15. KillerKyah


    I think when competing as a team, they should wear the team colors, in this case, red white and blue. However, for all-around and event competitions, which are more about the individual, they should be able to wear what they want to. Thus, I had no problem with the pink leo. I liked how they had...
  16. KillerKyah

    how do you keep your gym cool in the summer?

    A very efficient way of cooling large buildings, especially ones like warehouses, gyms, or barns, is having water spraying on the roof. It may sound odd, but it does work. I'm not sure where you can purchase a cooling system like this, but with a hose, a lot of pvc, some trial and error, and...
  17. KillerKyah

    OT Ooops!! Injured myself!

    Ouch, I hope it's better now. I always seem to injure myself like that, doing something basic and somehow ending up injured. The worst was when I broke a toe 5 minutes into class by tripping over a springboard. All I got to do was the first warm-up exercise. lol
  18. KillerKyah

    Finding a Gym in Tampa

    I'm now in college in Tampa, and I want to continue with gymnastics. Last semester I decided to give myself time to get used to being in a new environment, but now I feel ready to get back to the gym. The issue is finding a place that takes adults, which I'm sure many people on this forum have...
  19. KillerKyah

    Inspirational Songs

    Dreamer - Chris Brown
  20. KillerKyah

    Broken Big Toe

    It really depends on the break. Since you said it just looked like a blood blister, it's probably not too bad. When I broke my pinky toe completely in half(spiral fracture by springboard), the entire side of my foot was bright red and bruised almost instantly. I was out from mid November to the...