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    OT Level 3 tuition

    We live in the MD/DC area and my daughter’s level 3 tuition is $310 a month but she also practices 12 hours a week.
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    For Parents Moving to Maryland, looking for a good (competitive) gym near Sykesville, MD

    I live in MD but not Sykesville, we did attend a meet near there at a gym called United Gymnastix. They seem to be a good gym and the girls on their competitive team have scored well at meets my kids have participated in.
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    WAG Can you move down a level in Xcel?

    Hello, New here but have read the forums when looking for advice. My child was moved to Xcel Gold while not having all of the needed skills. She competed Silver for the last two seasons( a couple meets before covid hit and then only a few virtual meets last season) and her gym said they...