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    Woodward West first timer.

    She is going for the week of July 19th. L7 last yr....L8 hopeful this year. You going that week?
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    Woodward West first timer.

    My daughter is going to Woodward West this Summer for Gym Camp in CA. She is "Uber Excited" but I was wondering what others peoples experiences had been? Us parents are staying for the week in a small community outside of Bakersfield CA and were wondering what there is to do in the area while...
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    For Parents Another New Gym Story

    I am pleased to have nothing but good things to report. We recently made a switch to a new gym and couldn't be happier. Our DD just gets to do drama, no coaching issues, no crazy parents...she and her parents are so excited. Lots of hard work every practice. lots of attention to...
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    No Grips and No Rips

    Thanks that is some great insight. Our DD fits the small and fit gymnast mold for sure but as she grows and advances we will have to see if its time to make the leap to grips. It is strange though that she almost never rips and is very aggressive on her bars work. Just tough skin I...
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    No Grips and No Rips

    I am writing to see if anyone else has a DD that does not use grips? My DD is second year L7 and has never desired grips. She actually said she doesnt want grips. I have talked to her coach and the response was that if she can do her skills without grips then there was no reason to get them. She...
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    Should recreational gymnasts have allegiance to one gym

    Ready for Team If you really feel your DD is ready for team it should be addressed more directly I feel with the gym you are at. I have seen many a parent pull all their hair out with frustration just trying to get their child placed on team. The danger of going to gym "B" is that they will be...
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    National Gymnastics Day!!!

    Is anyones gym doing something special on National Gymnastics Day....Sept 12th? Think my DDs gym is doing an open house with gymnastics demo's, etc.:D
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    What to do with rips?

    We have always popped them then gotten rid of the dead skin. Graphic sounding I know but the blisters are going to rip as soon as your DD has bars again anyway. To help treat rips we have used the age old Bag Balm treatment. It is available at any major pharmacy. Be sure DD shows her coach next...
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    What is your floor music?

    Last year DD used Peter Gunn version by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Dont know yet this year.
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    Level 6 to L7

    Thanks coach That is very insightful. Thanks for the point of view. As a parent I am thrilled to have my DD do a second year of L7 to get those skills (plus more) now before going on to have a so-so year of L8. She is working a Cast - Clearhip- Handstand to Giant with layout flyaway on high...
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    Horrible Falls??

    Fall My DD had a fall a few years ago that goes into the "No Fun Zone". She was working on the beam at practice. On one of the things she was doing she had lost her balance and was fighting to hold it but ended up doing a wierd head first fall that managed to clip the metal brace under the beam...
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    L3 Question

    Thanks for all the info!
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    L3 Question

    Our gym is starting an L3 program for some of the girls. This is their first year doing it. My question: Is L3 part of the USAG Compulsory program? Thanks for the help.
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    L5 to L7 Jump!!!

    As an interesting side note an old friend of my DDs from the old gym is trying to make the jump at a new gym to L7 after just one year of L5. She is having a tough time early on with the heavy conditioning aspect that makes a good optional gymnast. She has not been able to stay the entire...
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    Career ending injuries? =[

    I am afraid we know several gymnasts that had to call it quits. A. This gymnast fell from bars doing a L10 routine and shreaded her elbow. She has gone into coaching and still has a love for the sport. B. This gymnast at a very young age was practicing tons of hours and had developed many...
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    Private Lessons?

    Oops forgot the number of kids is usually one kid and never more than two.
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    Private Lessons?

    We have seen and used private lessons on and off for years and so hope we can give you some useful info. We have paid anywhere from $30 to $50 an hour and the rates were always based on the degree of expertise the individual coach has. The coach has always been paid directly at all of the gyms...
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    Summer camps!

    Campers of the Northwest :D. You might try checking out University of Washington camp which is held late July or first week of August. I know a couple L10s that have adopted that camp for years and have loved it. They keep their numbers low too. Also you might try Oregon State as I have heard...
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    Tiger paws wrist supports

    My DD started using tiger paws about a year ago. They have gradually helped her get rid of all the wrist pain she was having. Took some getting used to and were not an instant cure but she has been great with them. I would think that wearing both is the way to go so that you do not develop...
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    L5 to L7 Jump!!!

    The appearance of politics being involved with the decision to do the jump is always a concern! Even if it is not and jump is solely based on score. Everyones DD feels ready to go to L7 but its not always an easy or even advisable path from what I have seen over the years. I am glad to hear...