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    US college names and titles

    I think the Beavers are from Oregon State (OSU)... looks like they're having a pretty good season so far
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    British Team Championships

    Liverpool won, Heathrow A were about a point behind, Notts A were 3rd, 7 marks behind 2nd. Cardiff got 4th so will be in the top seeded round next year. Hannah Whelan won the AA and Beth Tweddle got the highest score of the day with a 15.7 on bars (and 15.45 on floor!). I just noticed that last...
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    British Team Championships

    The age limit for the CWG used to be 14 (Becky Downie competed in 2006, and she was born in 1992) so everyone who competed was eligible for the next Olympics , but I think the FIG were trying to raise the limit to make it 16, so I'm not sure. ETA- I just did a quick search and found this...
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    British Team Championships

    Imogen Cairns wasn't competing for the Academy, so their team was very young- Ruby Harrold (age 13/14), Sophie Jameson (age 12) she has lots of medals from age group champs), Lucy Brett (age 12), Jasmine Reed Yang (age 13 I think) and Poppy Wynn (13- also on the Welsh national squad). Jenny...
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    British Team Championships

    I'm not going, but will be watching the live scores on gymdata as usual (I will persuade my mum to take me to the British Teams/champs one day!). I think it will be the usual Liverpool, Notts and Heathrow on the podium, but I can never tell which order. Heathrow are using only 4 gymnasts on...
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    WAG Bianca Flohr

    I think she had a lower back injury, and is having problems getting through the NCAA clearinghouse so her scholarship was given to someone else.
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    Hi, new uk coach

    Hi! Welcome to the chalk bucket- I'm from the UK too :) I started some coaching at my club but I havent done any qualifications (I quit gym just after I started coaching), so at the moment I coach (mostly vault) at my school gym club. My sister competed gymnastics until about this time last...
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    European Championships

    I'm biased, but I'm really happy for Beth winning bars! I'm happy for Kaeslin getting bronze AA and gold VT, nice to see more countries getting medals :) I wish things would have gone better for Becky Downie though
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    My Gymnast's first competition!

    Well Done to all the girls Marie! It sounds like another very high standard grades comp in the Midlands, and your girls have done brilliantly :)
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    Favorite College Gymnastics Team?

    I started following NCAA last season- my faves are UCLA and UGA. Slightly off topic- Shayla Worley signed for UGA this week to compete next season :)
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    OT Bonfire Night!

    I love doing the writing names with sparklers :) We haven't done anything for bonfire night this year because its so much colder than usual but last night me and my sister watched fireworks out of my bedroom window- a lot warmer than being at a party!
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    I have left down easily and my right will go down most of the time. I'm nowhere near middle splits!
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    What is your favorite skill?

    I love onodis on beam- especially when Nastia does them. And switch ring leaps on beam, when they are done properly, like Anna Pavlova.
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    So what did Jana, Ivana and Corrie do in Beijing these past two weeks?

    I think they were staying in Tianjin (1 hr away) before the games started, then went back home once the games started and they weren't needed.
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    Awww hope you feel better soon :) At xmas I hurt my back by doing a full turn jump. It ended up with me not being able to walk for about a week, and in the end, I quit gym cos I was always getting hurt in some way.
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    Highest Score

    We are in the UK, and my sis has competed under many different scoring systems! The least deductions I can remember her getting was a 6.0 out of 6.4 in level 5 bars (YouTube - Level 5 Gymnastics). That isn't the routine that went 6.0, but the same moves. This routine actually placed her 4th out...
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    British Olympic Team?

    This was made by Sarah kirby ( Also, try
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    British Olympic Team?

    The Olympic team was announced today: Beth, Becky, Becky, Laura, Marissa and Hannah W
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    British Olympic Team?

    For mens, Louis Smith and Dabiel Keatings are going, with Daniel Purvis as reserve (i think). Womens is announced on Sunday after the British champs. Becky should win the Senior British, as Beth is injured. My team would be: Beth, Becky d , Becky W, Laura, Marissa and either Imogen/Hannah W...
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    Share Vids of Yourself doing what else?..... GYMNASTICS

    I don't post much but here are my sisters, with a few clips of me here and there