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  1. SonshineMamaJH

    WAG Body image

    Things have shifted and changed a lot and I just stumbled across the USAG nutritional guidelines because I am concerned my Dd isn’t getting enough protein for her activity level. There was a portion about this. I was a gymnast in the 70’s and 80’s and ended up w an eating disorder. There are...
  2. SonshineMamaJH

    WAG starting gymnastics at 16/17

    Good for you! Just be careful not to overdo things at home especially as poor form can lead to injury specially for teen bodies (my dd has been in that situation so she now has more rules about what we allow outside of the gym to prevent injuries )
  3. SonshineMamaJH

    WAG Whistleblowing

    Fascinating discussion. my daughter was bullied this summer twice. Once by a coach and once a teammate. one we reported to the gym w specific examples and how it violated the safesport policy. Let them Know we expected it to stop immediately. (Our daughter was told by a coach more than to...
  4. SonshineMamaJH

    New to chalkbucket... as a poster ;)

    Oh good to know about her age. She used her real birthday she said so I will tell her tomorrow. She posted in the gymnast forum. We already contacted her gym w the concerns.
  5. SonshineMamaJH

    WAG Preparation for a Late-Starting Gymnast

    My daughter (now 13.5) started at 11. I was a JO gymnast from 1979-1988 and I didn’t realize Xcel existed so when she said she wanted to compete I sadly told her “that ship has sailed.” But she found out otherwise from her friend who did Xcel and I searched for a gym with a program for older...
  6. SonshineMamaJH

    New to chalkbucket... as a poster ;)

    I’m brand new to chalkbucket as a poster but have been lurking for years. My dd2 (13.5) started gymnastics at 11 and had a goal of wanting to do Xcel. As a former gymnast, I thought it was too late so I went googling. Found this forum and have been lurking for about 2.5 years, just soaking up...