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    For Parents Donors for Team

    Can the generous donor set up a non-profit outside of the gym and have athletes families request scholarships? The soccer league we are in everytime you register for a session you can add money towards their scholarship fund, which in turn families apply for, but they do have to provide...
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    For Parents First Competition preparation

    Thanks all! I kept it simple and will take her out to lunch her choice after. And bonus I got her to sleep before 7:30!
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    For Parents First Competition preparation

    My daughter's first competition is on Sunday with an early start. I was just curious if anyone has any special dinner the night before traditions ect.
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    For Parents When is time to move on?

    Apparently being a multi sport athlete is advantageous at a young age but then you are forced to specialize at such a young age ugh. I think you know your answer when it comes to the gym you are currently at. Other gyms may be more flexible allowing your kid to practice with a different group...
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    For Parents Featured ARTICLE: Is Competitive Gymnastics Right For My Family

    I'm confused so you are comparing truffles to bananas and exclaiming one is more expensive?
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    For Parents Featured ARTICLE: Is Competitive Gymnastics Right For My Family

    I'm new to the sport this is only my daughter's first year competing. While I agree that the training costs are not all that expensive the competition fees added up very quickly.
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    For Parents Featured ARTICLE: Is Competitive Gymnastics Right For My Family

    This has been discussed on here previously. But kids are not being recruited to college teams from High School, they are on travel teams that cost allot of money which varies depending on the sport. Gymnastics is not the only expensive sport out there.
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    For Parents Pros and cons of lower levels

    That's disappointing I would think bronze should be in the same category of "fun meet".
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    For Parents Featured How Far are Your Average Meets?

    First year competing as a bronze. There are two meets that are just under a 2 hour drive. The other 3 are under 45 minutes. Then states will be another just under 2 hour drive.
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    Teacher Shortages

    The teacher shortage has been an issue for years prior to the pandemic. That is also well documented. A few thousand teachers that didn't want to comply is a drop in the bucket compared to all the other factors that have been leading to this for well over a decade.
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    For Parents Featured Instagram (When Does My Athlete Need One For College Purposes)

    I know this is only a gymnastics forum and we are so far from this ever being a reality but I am just curious. Is this the norm for other sports too? As a former scholarship D1 soccer player forever ago I know vhs reals were a thing back then but I never did that. My travel team just went to...
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    For Parents Training weeks in the summer

    Thank you! So much word salad to parse through.
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    For Parents Can you succeed with weak ankles?

    More than just this thread......
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    For Parents Talking Nutrition

    For a fun educational video ask the story bots has an episode why you can't eat dessert all of the time.
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    For Parents Question about pursuing athletic scholarship

    You do realize that not everyone has the aptitude to become a Dr., Lawyer, or whatever other high paying Career field you are implying. Everyone brings a different skill set. We need educators would you tell someone who has always wanted to be one they shouldn't because it's not prestigious...
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    For Parents Question about pursuing athletic scholarship

    As others have mentioned it's more than just a schools ranking. Overall ranking doesn't apply to every school within the University. Depending on major the "better" school may not be as good. Scholarships aren't guaranteed for 4 years. What would happen if you lost the scholarship...
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    WAG Jennifer Sey Leaves Levis

    You link opinion pieces and expect me to waste my time finding scientific studies that you could easily look up yourself. I'm not the condescending one here.
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    WAG Jennifer Sey Leaves Levis

    Pretty much I learned a long time ago that Google scientists don't comprehend how to read scientific literature so it's not worth engaging.
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    WAG Jennifer Sey Leaves Levis

    There is so much more to this than just in person learning. It's great that there are vaccines for most people. I have two children at home that still are unable to be vaccinated. So while everyone wants to go on about choices, when you you choose to not wear a mask at this point in time you...