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    Optional Floor Routine

    Hi I was a Level 7 Gymnast and usually that is what the gym will do unless say the compete double season(level 6 and 7) then they might only go to invitationals and next year use the same routine through the whole season.
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    Twitter & Facebook

    Nevermind my title I just wanted to post something well message me and comment my pictures If you want to be friends just ask thanks!
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    Hey, I am new. Lets be friends!

    hi gymfan4ever95! It's nice to meet I hope we can become friends!
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    Hey, I am new. Lets be friends!

    Well she really a gymnast or a fan but it was a one time thing. What levels do you happen to coach?
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    Hey, I am new. Lets be friends!

    Thanks for the advice but I didn't do the post my friend did sorry about that
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    Hey, I am new. Lets be friends!

    HEyy, My name is Hillary and yes i am new! I am 13 years old! I am also a "retired" Level 7 gymnast I quit March 2009. Well add me and we can be friends!:D