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  1. Ingwe

    One week...

    This made me laugh.. Remembering when I almost dumped my beer on that poor child's head at trials in 2012.. I made a very acrobatic save [emoji23]
  2. Ingwe

    For Parents Stress fracture in vertebrae - any experience with this?

    My daughter had a fracture in the L4 ( traumatic injury) this was exactly 2 years ago. She was in a brace for 3 months. She was only allowed to walk during that time. She didn't step foot into the gym. She followed the Dr's orders to a tee and she has been completely pain free. I have seen a...
  3. Ingwe

    For Parents What are you getting your gymmie for Christmas??

    @Gymmonkeymomma.... That's the same gift my daughter got
  4. Ingwe

    US WAG Olympic Trials 2016

    Yes, the cocktails were a definite plus last time... Although I am pretty sure the kid who almost got my beer dumped on her head didn't think so.
  5. Ingwe

    WAG Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Feb 12-14 2016

    It won't be on a Wednesday this time.. The only was reason was because of the other events.
  6. Ingwe

    WAG Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Feb 12-14 2016

    That's right, it was a Wednesday.. I remember being there in the afternoon on a week day but was thinking it as Friday.. Now that you said Wednesday it all came back.. We actually left and drove back for the Nastia and American Cup instead of her missing several days of school. Ugh
  7. Ingwe

    WAG Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational Feb 12-14 2016

    We competed there 2 seasons ago. If I remember correctly the 10's went on Friday afternoon.. They also had more then 1 session of 10's. We just happened to be in that particular session. It was also the same time they hosted the American Cup and Nastia Cup so the actual meet sessions were based...
  8. Ingwe

    US WAG Olympic Trials 2016

    @bog...yes we can
  9. Ingwe

    US WAG Olympic Trials 2016

    Thinking about it...
  10. Ingwe

    WAG Headband Question

    They sell those at CVS
  11. Ingwe

    I am happy to contribute. Lord knows she's had enough injuries over the past year and a half. :eek:
  12. Ingwe

    For Parents Question: Does youw school district offer Independent Study PE

    My daughter's school offers independent study for PE. She was given the option of late arrival OR early dismissal. (Either 1st block PE or last) she chose late arrival. She doesn't get home from practice until 10:00 pm and is Often up until midnight doing homework. she wanted to take advantage...
  13. Ingwe

    WAG Why No offseason

    I have been following this thread closely as my daughter was out of the gym completely for 6 weeks following a Fracture to her vertabrae. (this was not an overuse stress fracture but from a rather nasty mishap on bars) She was braced and was not allowed in the gym at all. The only thing she...
  14. Ingwe

    For Parents Balancing gymnastics and academics

    Up until this year my Dd has done a good job of getting her work done. In in the past she wasn't getting a lot of HW but this year it has been grueling. She leaves for practice right from school and doesn't get home until almost 10:00 pm. Then she generally has about 1.5 to 2 hours worth of HW...
  15. Ingwe

    For Parents What's your criteria for driving vs flying?

    Last year L9/L10 Regionals were in Mississippi. We planned on flying but getting a flight from where we are involved 2 layovers, close to $2000 round trip and in the end the travel time was 9 plus hours. We ended up driving. (12 hours) What we did was break it up into 2 days. We drove halfway...
  16. Ingwe

    WAG Choreography?

    Our Gym hires a Choreographer.. You have to use her for Floor but have the option of having her do the beam OR the HC will do the beam routine.
  17. Ingwe

    WAG Partial Judges ??

    I am not sure that it really happens but I can see how it seems that way. Several years ago when my Dd was a L5 we were at a meet. I was watching vault and happend to make a comment about the scoring. I basically said, I didn't get some of the scores.(for example) How Vault #1 with a stick...
  18. Ingwe

    WAG Attitude in the gym....

    My Dd is the Queen of bad body language. It makes my skin crawl. I have had conversation after conversation with her about her body language and she just didn't get it. Said, she wasn''t doing that etc...(she is not disrespectful verbally but you know exactly how she feels by her body language...
  19. Ingwe

    For Parents Gym hours and family dinner

    We haven't eaten together regularly as a family in years. Dd does not get home from gym until 10:00 pm 4 nights a week, other 2 kids are at their activites until late evening, DH plays softball 3 nights a week..... We wing it, those who happen to be home eat together. Its a crazy life..
  20. Ingwe

    WAG Wrist Rips

    My Dd gets horrible wrist rips (has since level 5, she's L10 now) and she swears by those Spenco 2nd skin squares. I swear I keep that company in business. LOL!! She also uses the mole skin tape along with with them.