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    For Parents We are off to Camp Woodward tomorrow

    How exciting! We are going week 6, and I am a camp driver. My DD is only 7, so thought it best for the first year to be close. I cant wait!! Hope your DD had a great time.
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    For Parents Question for parents of "young" L4's

    Sunshine at 6, really worked for about 5 months to get the routines really well, but now her 2nd year at L4, she is able to perfect them. Good Luck
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    For Parents Standard practice @ gym during coaching change?

    I actually has the same problem last year. My oldest was on the L4 team and the coach was going to be leaving. We were having all kinds of issues with the current coach and wanted to know who her replacement would be. Instead of answers from the Gym Owner and the HC, I just got a whole lot of...
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    For Parents 3rd level 4 meet

    Great job!!
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    For Parents does my attitude need an adjustment - go on - be brutal

    I have to say for me, it was developed over time. My dds both are at a fairly high level for their age, and I have had to back off and remind myself that it is important that it is fun for them. We actually had to make a gym change a few weeks ago because there was sooo much emphasis on winning...
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    For Parents Thank you bar fairy

    Congrats, those mental blocks are not fun.
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    For Parents Juju got her Kip!

    Congratulations!! Send the Kip fairy around.
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    For Parents Finally After 8 Months of Hard Work: We Have Our Kip

    Congratulations, must of been a great Kip day!!!
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    For Parents Juju's 1st Meet of Season (L4)

    She really looks good, Congrats on the first on Floor.
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    For Parents Kylie's 3rd L4 Meet Report (video)

    She looks wonderful. Good Luck at State!!!
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    For Parents I have to edit my signature

    WOW That is awesome!! Congratulations
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    For Parents Meet report: Judges' and downs!

    Good job on Vault-first 9.0 is exciting. Bars must have been AWESOME. The others will get better. Congratulations!!
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    For Parents Brag alert: You might recognize a name . . .

    YAAAAAY Congratulations!!!!
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    For Parents Mock meet--Meet report

    She looks wonderful, very nice. I cant wait to see how she does.
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    For Parents Wanted to show off a couple of pics

    These are some great pics!!
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    For Parents Sunshines first 9!!

    I didnt even think of that. That is a great idea!!
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    For Parents Got some 9's today !!!!!

    Great job-Congratulations
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    For Parents Meet Report District Championship

    Great scores Congratulations!!
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    For Parents Sunshines first 9!!

    Well, first meet with new gym was not great but there was a very bright spot. Sunshine got her first 9 on vault:D. Started on bars after warming up right next to old gym, she was VERY distracted. Which resulted in 2 falls on what used to be her best event UGH. She was able to pull it togethor...