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    For Parents Tops National Test Score Calculation

    I was at A and B with gymnasts last year, A did have more than 45. Sometimes kids have the same scores. I also know in the past if theres a team mate going to both, scores are close and coaches having a conflict its been allowed for them to attend the same camp,, Not sure if that was the case
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    For Parents Giants without grips?

    Both my daughters had very small hands and performed without grips up through level 9. One finally adapted the other hated the feel and would" forget" them often.
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    For Parents Not really sure how to handle...........

    As a mom of two gymnasts(my kids are grown and married now )and the head coach I have to say I truly believe in that triangular effect.. of the gymnast , coach and parents all working together to make the child as successful as they can be. I would not and do not put up with disrespectful...
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    For Parents Region 5

    Please add me
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    For Parents 2015 tops cut off score 10 year old

    Thank goodness your back!!! People are asking me to add them and I did not know that I could or even how to :)
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    For Parents TOP's Testing

    Personally IMO this is an expensive sport as it is and I would not have wanted our kids and parents to incur the added expense to "just get their feet wet".
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    For Parents 2015 tops cut off score 10 year old

    10pts is for a time of 8.99 seconds or under
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    For Parents TOP's Testing

    You can go to as many as you want..This weekend went to one that had a team from 6 hours away and they had already been to one they flew to.
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    For Parents Petty Vent

    Look at it another way.. Your son is shy, probably more so around a head coach. This coach coaches him once a week. The coach may be waiting for him to open and say.."I got this coach". I always tell my team.. (girls) that if Im giving them feedback and corrections and asking questions, its...
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    For Coaches Im still baffled

    I wasnt sure shed sign up with us after our chat but,she did. I showed the mom our last years Diamond level and Tops A kids and explained she may be on that path but, at 4 its hard to tell. Right now shes with a preteam and we are taking our time with her. Shes an exceptional kid and has...
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    For Coaches Im still baffled

    She just moved to the area from out of state . She was in a small program allowed to be practicing with their level 3 team .
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    For Coaches Im still baffled

    Ok Coaches ..Ive seen some talented kiddos and some kids that just work plan hard however ,today was a first for me.. We had a tryout for preteam with the pre team coach.. Our preteamers are on average 6-8yrs old. This child was 4 and didnt even look that. We dont really allow 4 yrolds in...
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    For Parents TOPs state testing

    In 2 tests there were kids that were trying these skills and definitely not ready for them.. Im talking not just falling or missing a skill but, dangerously falling. To the point of the tester having to intervene
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    For Parents TOPs state testing

    Today was the last of our 3 tests.(2 in state ,1 out of state). Definitely the best test for my 9yr olds. All 3 tests had 16-18 kids. All 3 had 1 or 2 7yrolds testing.. Personally I was surprised at the caliber at the tests compared to previous year.
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    For Parents TOPs state testing

    The front tuck is section 3 of the floor testing. If she fell she received a 0 for just that section.
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    For Parents X-Brace

    My gymnasts use the Xbrace. I had not seen them until we went to developmental camp. They say it helps and you can feel difference in support right away. We had always used the cheetah heel cups but, unfortunately they do not fit everyone properly and many were experiencing heels sliding...
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    WAG Tops 7yr old

    Our first test had four 7yr olds
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    WAG Suggestions for daughters floor music

    As the choreographer I no longer allow Pirates . Though there are some nice versions, its used way too much (at least in our area)
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    We leave Thursday and Our first session is Friday at 2pm ..