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  1. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Xcel Friday morning sessions

    Last year my daughter was level 6. We had 4 out of 6 comps on Friday, 3 of which required hotel stays on Thursday night because they were over 2 hours away and we had the 8 am session. it happens.
  2. 3rd_time_around

    For Parents Can someone help me determine her skill level?

    That’s not really that far, it might be something you could do.
  3. 3rd_time_around

    For Parents Double cast

    It sounds like she no longer needs to do 2 casts since she is hitting the right cast angle. The only reason 2 are allowed is to ensure that the gymnast gets the right angle, and doing 2 often gets the momentum for the second one. If your daughter already has it, she doesn’t need 2. She is...
  4. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    A round off is always a flight skill.
  5. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    You’re right about the meet directors not checking mobility scores. The scores are supposed to be submitted to a designated official in the state. They should be checked there so that the meet directors can just rightly assume the gymnasts are in the level the gym claims they are. It’s not the...
  6. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Mobility scores..who checks them

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks there is no one checking scores. No, it’s not the honor system. Yes, they are checked. It has to be at a sanctioned meet....even a mock meet or mobility meet or just bringing a judge in requires a sanction for it to be official. Yes, people are checking...
  7. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Beam series

    What you stated is correct.
  8. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    It is required. Don't take the chance of not getting the required scores.
  9. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    It is definitely not an honor system. Scores have to be reported to the state admin. If a gymnast competes in a meet and does not have the mobility scores necessary for their level, and they get caught, it negates the sanction for the meet. Scores are being checked, and there is a program in...
  10. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    No, it’s a requirement from USAG. If you go Xcel, you don’t need it.
  11. 3rd_time_around

    WAG L7 beam question

    There is no specific required skill, just As and Bs that meet the requirements. No acro skills means no Special Requirement #1, so a 9.5 start value, plus more for missing As and Bs. So if there is no acro at all, that's at most 3 As, so a 9.2 SV. Doing a skill with a spot is -.05, but it...
  12. 3rd_time_around

    WAG L7 beam question

    She needs an acro series, it doesn’t have to have flight, like a cartwheel-cartwheel or back walkover-back walkover or handstand - back walkover, etc. Then she can do a flight skill elsewhere in the routine. OR she can do a series with a flight skill. There’s no set skills she has to do, just...
  13. 3rd_time_around

    WAG How Do You Know What Deductions Were Given?

    There used to be a 10.1, then they did away with it. Some vaults were worth a 10.1, but people complained it wasn’t fair, so they went away. Now some vaults are worth 10.0 plus a .1 bonus. LOL!
  14. 3rd_time_around

    WAG How Do You Know What Deductions Were Given?

    Please just put me on ignore as I will you. This is ridiculous.
  15. 3rd_time_around

    For Parents Featured More Options: Acro & Tumbling And College Club Gymnastics

    I’m an A&T (NCATA) official as well, and the meets are very interesting and impressive. I am impressed with the strength and precision of these athletes, and at how hard they work. It’s a great path for retired or former gymnasts, and every year more colleges are adding it to their program. if...
  16. 3rd_time_around

    WAG How Do You Know What Deductions Were Given?

    Why? Do you just wait to start trouble? I give factual information, and you insult me.