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    WAG Front Flyaway Question

    I have a gymnast that wants to learn a front flyaway. I don't have very much experience with these, but how would you go about teaching it? Our main problem is that our gym doesn't have a pit bar. Is it the type of thing where we should just put down soft mats and have her play around with them...
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    For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

    That would make sense. Thank you!
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    For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

    Does a toe circle count as a circling skill? We've played around with them I just wasn't sure if they would count as a circling skill.
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    For Parents Best leo brands?

    A brand with a lot of different options is Salute Leos. They have a ton of different patterns and you get to choose what back you want. They have racerback, open back , strap back etc. And all their leos are made to order so they don't go "out of stock". They typically run about $40-55.
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    For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

    So I was looking at the new changes for xcel gold next year, and one of the changes for bars is that you now need two circling skills. The routine we used last season was glide swing, pullover, cast, back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing, flyaway. I'm not really sure where we could add...