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  1. J

    WAG Chin ups and 6 year old

    My dd is 6.5 and just starting on her competitive gymnastics journey. We are in the UK and she is working towards club grade 6. The coaches have mentioned compulsory grade’s eventually. She is very very flexible and moderately strong. Luckily (for her!) she enjoys conditioning. Her one sticking...
  2. J

    For Parents Private lessons

    Our gym does do private but not routinely. If gymnasts need to polish up skills before comps or grading then they do a few extra hours each week on the run up with a couple of other gymnasts which I think works well.
  3. J

    WAG (How much) could I learn?

    I’m 39 and I do adult gymnastics with absolutely no experience whatsoever- just a lot of courage and a hell of a lot of trust in our coach who seems to have more faith in us oldies than we do ourselves! It is honestly the most fun I have ever had exercising ever. 18 is so so young still- please...
  4. J

    For Parents Best equipment for home

    Interesting about the AirTraks- I was going to buy one but think wont bother now. We’ve just got a chin up bar for door and foldy beam. Sounds like that will do!
  5. J

    For Parents Finding the balance

    I love this post from Aussie_coach. Apologies I’m just getting to grips with the site and didn’t mean to copy the entire thing but now can’t remove it I have nothing helpful to add to what others are saying as I share your worries- my dd is 6.5 and training 12hrs with the potential to increase...
  6. J

    For Parents Training hours- how much is too much?

    Watching with interest as I’ve tried to find out the same from BG with no luck.
  7. J

    For Parents Back Pain

    Apologies- didn’t see your latest reply. Good luck with it all.
  8. J

    For Parents Back Pain

    Absolutely 100% see a doctor and NOT a chiropractor (I’m a physio in the UK- I wouldn’t go near someone in your daughters situation unless she has had appropriate investigations first.
  9. J

    For Parents Nutrition for Gymnasts when training through evening meal times?

    Luckily my daughter is only 6.5 so doesn’t get much at the moment but what she does get she does on her two evenings off. I’ve tried doing after she gets back from gym but she’s just so tired it’s impossible! Will be interested too in how others manage.
  10. J

    For Parents Advice on moving Gyms for progress - We are torn in half! UK

    Yes, I’m still learning about the grades etc but that does seem a lot of hours (and ultimately money) for club grade 5. I would move if your daughter would like to progress and it’s promising that she liked the new gym and that they were welcoming.
  11. J

    For Parents Nutrition for Gymnasts when training through evening meal times?

    My daughter will have a hot meal straight from school (at 4ish) ready for practice at 5. She doesn’t seem to complain of feeling too full. She has a snack of fruit or breakfast bar during gym. One of her friends like your daughter has a tight turnaround so she snacks on the way to practice on...