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  1. MadKate

    front tumbling

    I never even had a back walkover to start with, best I could do as a kid was a bridge kickover from my feet on something really high (which was usually the bed)...can't even do that, now! And compared to the rest of *my* body, my shoulders are probably one of the more flexible parts, possibly...
  2. MadKate

    This week I accomplished...

    A while back we ended up on vault, since it was actually free, and while we were mostly just trying to do straight jumps on (off this thing that's looks like the offspring of a springboard and a rebounder), some people were doing front handsprings with mats stacked up behind it. I wouldn't try...
  3. MadKate

    new grips

    My old, too small pair had water used on them, and it seemed to make them harder. My new ones are Reisports, haven't been near water, and they feel just fine, so I'm going to keep them away from the water! With how rarely I get on bars anyways, they'll probably last forever. I rolled them a...
  4. MadKate

    What level are you on?

    Rec. They don't have a competitive level where the beam routine just consists of walking on it... ;-)
  5. MadKate

    This week I accomplished...

    I finally got my front handspring, at least on the tumble track. Which is still an improvement over the hundreds of times I've landed on my butt trying to do them in the last few months. Turns out I was coming into it too high, sort of hitting my hands as I was falling to the ground, and...
  6. MadKate

    POLL!!!: How Many Leos Do You Have???

    I'm a compulsive shopper. I justify it by the fact that nobody else at the beach will be wearing the same thing if I wear one swimming, and I can get two or three for the price of one article of Lulu Lemon clothing, which seems to be the preferred brand of the rest of my class.
  7. MadKate

    why aren't briefs built in to leos?

    Tell that to mine! "Eh, air them out in the guest room, it'll be fine the next time you wear it..." I have some that I'm not sure have actually been washed. That I wore 8 years ago when I tried gymnastics back then. They've been abandoned in a drawer since then, and I've only noticed one...
  8. MadKate

    What are your aches and pains?

    The joint where my big toe attaches to my foot is still weird after stubbing my toe trying some funny breakdancing like thing, and right now my ribs at the side/back hurt when I touch them, I have *no* clue why. I didn't land on them or anything! Sore neck might be from twisting my head when...
  9. MadKate

    does this soud normal

    There's something like 4 other classes in the gym at the same time as mine, and we (the older teens/adults) get lowest priority, so we just get to use what nobody else is using at the time. Almost always we'll get a chance at trampoline, and there's a couple beams away from the main beam area...
  10. MadKate

    floor music

    Dig through your parents CDs - chances are, they're hiding some form of instrumental stuff you've never thought to listen to. Once you get past the Irish drinking songs, mine have some nice Celtic stuff, and there's musical soundtracks. Even if they don't have copies without lyrics, you can...
  11. MadKate

    Olympic Leos

    If you go to the GK site, in the Olympic section ("Continue The Quest 2008"), you can find the authorized replica ones, in sleeveless. Minus the star one from the preliminaries.
  12. MadKate

    The floor music reccomendation thread

    Now I have seen *everything*. In the iTunes store, if you search for karaoke, you can find lots of versions of songs, ranging in quality from not much better than tinny badly synthesized midi and stuff with "guide vocals" sung by people that would never make it anywhere near American Idol, to...
  13. MadKate

    WOW! Gymnastics fairies DO exist!!!

    Yay! Do fairies come to "old people", too, or have they stopped believing in us when they figured we stopped believing in them? I need the Silly Putty Fairy and the Mad Strength Fairy first...then maybe the skills fairies might be able to start making appearances someday! (oh, and the...
  14. MadKate

    I need a good conditioning regimen

    What she said, only unable to do handstands in the house because there's not much space and it'll knock something over, any sort of thunking around makes people think I'm going to destroy the place, it's old... No medicine ball, but I do have a yoga ball. Same amount of gym time, and it hasn't...
  15. MadKate

    grip sizing?

    Kids...don't usually shrink. On the other hand, if you and her father are both pretty tiny and she's already started to mature, her hands might not grow much more for a while. I would say if you don't mind her growing out of them quickly, start with the size 1 narrows. Particularly if you...
  16. MadKate

    Olympic Leos

    "We ran out of material to make your leo, here, tie it together at the front with this shoelace, hope it'll hold through your routine!"
  17. MadKate

    grip sizing?

    "Too big" would probably be "outside the measurements" - if she's still growing, probably better to go with the size 2. I was using a too small pair, just trying to break them in doing tap swings, nothing hard, and they *still* sucked. (have since gotten bigger ones) How old is she? If her...
  18. MadKate

    The floor music reccomendation thread

    So do many speaker systems where you'd be playing it!
  19. MadKate

    The floor music reccomendation thread

    Another possibility, from the days before computers had enough power to handle .mp3s, is .midi files - some of them have enough instruments in them to sound decent enough that they could work as floor music, and none of them have vocals. There's a lot of bad ones out there, and they're hard to...
  20. MadKate

    A Question for the older gymnasts FEMALES :P

    But is it an actual unit of measurement that I just haven't heard of, or is it some random thing decided on by clothing companies, like most non-bra women's clothing sizes, that don't actually correspond to any real world measurements?