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  1. Gymtastic

    spotting in gymnastics

    Sorry, re-post :)
  2. Gymtastic

    spotting in gymnastics

    I'm glad you're feeling more secure about this right now. I am a coach (a female coach, so it's a bit different). As far as the spotting technique goes, I have spotted back-handsprings (I sometimes spot both the legs to flip them and the back to support them) and sometimed, my hand will graze...
  3. Gymtastic

    Nastia really does respond!

    Can someone post these addresses? I would LOVE to get an autographed picture and maybe let some of my girls alternate taking it home with them for a week. They would be SO thrilled (o.k., I would too!)
  4. Gymtastic

    For Coaches Handling parents who think their child needs to be 'moved up'

    YOU are the coach. Stick to your guns. parents are so eager to have their child move up that they don't think about what is in the best interest of their child. Tell her politely WHY she is not moving up and tell her that her daughter will move up when YOU feel she is ready. It also helps to...
  5. Gymtastic

    Stride Circle

    Thanks for the responses! Haven't tried the wind-ups yet! They also need to step out more instead of burying their heads and plummetting straight to the earth, as the first poster indicated :) Wish them luck! I guess sometimes it just takes a little more time with some girls.
  6. Gymtastic

    For Coaches helping young gymnasts understand vault

    A very quick drill that I like to set up for them to do on the way BACK from vaulting is to lay down a panel mat the lengthwise like a mini runway and then back the non-bouncy end of the board against the end of the panel mat ("runway"). I have them stand on the panel mat facing the board and...
  7. Gymtastic

    Sole Circle Dismount

    Yay! One of them did it! I drilled her to keep her feet on the bar by placing a barrel standing up on the other side, and then swinging her, telling her NOT to let her feet come off the bar until her bottom knocked the barrell over. Then I kept moving it further and further away until her...
  8. Gymtastic

    For Coaches How to help with fixing giants/improve tap

    Maybe try putting kneepads on her heels and then encouraging her to really stretch out the giant on the way down. This might help her to not be afraid of hitting her feet on the low bar. When I started learning giants, we used to keep the bars a lot closer than they tend to now (not too close...
  9. Gymtastic

    For Coaches Help on pull overs?

    You need to make sure they are keeping their arms bent the entire time at first, until she starts learning the straight-arm pullover. If the arms go straight, she will never make it over at first. Also, try telling her to get her bottom up and over the bar. Sometimes they just chin up to the...
  10. Gymtastic

    For Coaches Endurance running for gymnasts

    At what point in the workout are they doing this? If it is at the very beginning, then I can see how your daughter might be too tired to perform well during practice. How many times a week do they do this? For those who say endurance is not important in gymnastics, well, it is true that a...
  11. Gymtastic

    Why the Fear?

    Thank you! You seem to know just what I am dealing with! I inherited this team about 3 months ago, so I'm not exactly sure what was going on before, although I do know that they had a good coach. You may be right. I think I might try giving points for these skills. I do like giving points...
  12. Gymtastic

    What to do when they refuse to try???

    I have a couple of 2s and 3s who just literally seem to hate the sport. Their parents keep them in it regardless (they are aware of the situation and we have discussed it), and as a coach, it is my job to do the best I can with what I am given. The problem is, I have a couple of girls who do...
  13. Gymtastic

    Choreograph Optional Floor Routine

    When I was a gymnast, our gym handled it pretty well I thought. Choreography took place during a private lesson and a flat fee of 100-300 dollars was charged. Of course, the amount depended on the choreographer. For example, sometimes they would bring in an outside choreographer with tons of...
  14. Gymtastic

    Why the Fear?

    I coach levels 1-3 and the 2s and 3s will be competing this year. Now, I remember that when I was a young gymnast (before the age of about 13) I was not afraid of anything. I trusted my coach, and if he told me I could do something, then I just did it. I was not afraid of getting hurt on...
  15. Gymtastic

    Sole Circle Dismount

    Thanks so much for all the tips and advice! I have now gotten one of the girls to keep her feet on the bar, she's now afraid to let go with her hands. We're working on that and it will get better. The main issue now is that she can't cast out and put her feet on the bar. Even from a block...
  16. Gymtastic

    Fun Gymnastics Sayings?

    I always liked... "I eat, sleep, breathe, learn, live and love gymnastics". On a lighter note, I also love, "Flippin' Sweet!", and of course, "Look Ma! No hands!"
  17. Gymtastic


    Fear on vault can be a very bad thing, because you need all of your power and effort to do a proper vault, especially a tsuk. I broke my hand on a tsuk, so I can see where you are coming from, but the key is to get a good spot from your coach and just go for it. If you balk, you will possibly...
  18. Gymtastic

    Stride Circle

    Hi! I'm looking for tips on teaching a stride circle. I have told them about taking a big step and lifting themselves up and kicking their front leg and making sure the back leg is pressed against the bar while opening up their chest and kicking the front leg hard just before they fall. I...
  19. Gymtastic

    Sole Circle Dismount

    I have several level 2s in my class who simply CANNOT keep their feet on the bar long enough to execute a sole-circle (straddle, not pike) and this is when their feet actually make it to the bar :) Their feet instantly drop off. I am using the drill where you lower the bar and have them jump...