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  1. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Fear of going backward on Beam

    Beam can be a tough event so don't stress too much. Getting scared is pretty common. Take little steps until you're ready to do it consistantly on the high beam. Get some mats and put them over the low beam, get your coach to help you and just work your way up. Don't stress, it will come back.
  2. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pinched Nerve...When will it be better??

    Thanks everyone, it was sore at training, so i couldn't use it. but the next day it was completely fine! which was weird... Thanks again!
  3. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pinched Nerve...When will it be better??

    Ok, so I woke up this morning and my wrist wasn't able to take any of my weight in a handstand, front support etc. It was tingling, sore, feels like it's gone to sleep and it feels like something needs to click back into place. Mum said it's just a pinched nerve, but how long is it going to take...
  4. lil_gymnast_alanna

    College Gym for Australians

    theater and dance! that's awesome :) I was also wondering if there i a program available for international students (of some sort)
  5. lil_gymnast_alanna

    College Gym for Australians

    yes it helped heaps! thanks you :D I live in australia so i have no idea how it all works so any information is great. How old do you have to be to get into College gymnastics and what subjects do i need to have to study medicine (if i can) My knowledge of American college is shocking :o
  6. lil_gymnast_alanna

    College Gym for Australians

    ok...well that makes things harder :S does anyone know where i could find any info relating to subjects etc? or even a student exchange of some sort?
  7. lil_gymnast_alanna

    College Gym for Australians

    Ok. So im 15 years old, national level 8 Australian standard and am wondering how the american collge system works. I'm thinking of doing college gymnastics in America if I can also do a degree at the same time. So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the American College systems work...
  8. lil_gymnast_alanna

    America vs Australia

    Well in Australia, there are alot less people than in America. And the Australian system is in streams (State, National and Internatinal), so sometimes you have kids jumping from stream to stream. Also the clubs that have kids in the international programs, tend to do better in all the other...
  9. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Relationship between sportists

    The other day i was talking to a friend about how my brother does gym too, and my friend said "Tell your brother to do a real sport" So, of course, I just asked him if HE could to a double flip or 115 push ups in a row... I think he got the point :) The problem is that because we have such a...
  10. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Witch Doctors???

    I decided not to go. Thanks for your advice :)
  11. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Witch Doctors???

    Ok so on Monday I hurt my feet pretty badly and one of my friends goes to what we call a 'witch doctor'. Apparantly they scan your foot and it gives it a sort of massage by sending in some sort of electronic waves (I'm sorry I don't remember what my friend was saying to me) I was wondering if...
  12. lil_gymnast_alanna

    How old were you when you first started Gymnastics?

    Well I did kindergym till i was about 5 1/2 and i've been doing gym ever since. Im nearly 15 now
  13. lil_gymnast_alanna

    We're back

    I thought my internet was just being tempremental for a few days because my links haven't been working properly...eek So what did happen??
  14. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Skills you want to learn

    Vault: Tsuk Layout onto one mat Bars: Caus im sooo bad at bars:) Kip Cast to hs Clearhip to HS Get layout flyaway back...(almost there) Beam Full routine on competition beam -back sault -front sault Floor Full routine on floor -1 1/2 layout back -layout frontsault or layout layout...
  15. lil_gymnast_alanna


    I got A's in everything last year (we're in 1st term at school) except for extention maths, where i got a B+. I also got 3rd highest in my year level!!
  16. lil_gymnast_alanna

    New season of Make it or Break it?

    I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I have to watch it on CastTV because we're out of the US *frown* but I think its fantastic and much better than last season. I hope they keep up te good work:D
  17. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Advice on common injuries

    Hi there! I'm doing a school project on common gymnastics injuries. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on what I could do. Thanks! Alanna
  18. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pacific Rim 2010!

    So Pacific Rim is soon. Who's phsyced! I know I am because this year it's in Melbourne! So is anyone going to watch? And who do you think'll be there?
  19. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Which way do you twist/roundoff?

    I roundoff to my left, jump-turn to my left and twist to my right:D Im a strange person
  20. lil_gymnast_alanna


    welcome to CB! I'm from Aus too:D My experience with young girls doing a large number of hours is that they do burn out. When I first started at my new gym, there were 8 girls about 7 or 8 that were doing the international program. We now only have one girl out of that group and she has since...