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  1. Flippin_Gymnast

    Back Supports

    well i got my back brace from CVS and it works!!!!!!!!!!! i love it and i NEVER practice without it cuz it helps me sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo much!
  2. Flippin_Gymnast

    Is it possible??

    well....i have the same issue with my hands and wrists! what helps me alot is icing my injuries for 20 minutes and then putting a heating pad on it for 20 minutes and alternate between the 2 for about 2-3 hours a day and it will help!
  3. Flippin_Gymnast

    For Coaches high-level bar dismounts

    ohk well wat my coach had me do was do about 5 tap swings and on the last 2 of them to snap my legs wen im going into the next giant and then arch-and-snap my body leading into my double layout and it helped a lot! so u may want to try that!
  4. Flippin_Gymnast

    shoot thru's

    well wat helped me was wen i did my cats and i lifted my leg as high as i could over the bar and held my leg straight out and squeezed then i did the mill circle.
  5. Flippin_Gymnast

    beam leaps

    hey! i had the same problem so i know wat ur going thru. if u start doing your leaps on a floor beam and doing them as big and as high as you can then move up to a taller beam and do the same thing just keep moving up beam sizes and you will get the gorgeous leap u r wanting! and wat helps alot...
  6. Flippin_Gymnast


    i get rips ALL THE TIME! especially the bloody ones all i do is i put new skin on it and a band-aid then tape it up and then put my dowles back on and get back to practicing
  7. Flippin_Gymnast

    Lowest Score ever?!

    my lowest score was a 6.85 on bars and level 4
  8. Flippin_Gymnast


    1) no 2) yes 3) no im 14 years old and i weigh 132 lbs. so yeah ppl have told me im fat and that i need to lose weight but i cant lose muscle that i need! so yeah...
  9. Flippin_Gymnast

    What do you do??

    i work out everyday for 3 hours outside of gymnastics. it helps to keep my body in good shape and helps prevent me from getting injuries.
  10. Flippin_Gymnast

    2 questions...

    the answer to #1 that i have for u is that if it is considered a skill then it is not a deduction and #2 is that you have to squeeze EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN! you can look up drills and streches on Google that will help u to squeeze and stay straight!