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  1. Seeker

    For Parents Stay or Go?!?!

    I’d stay for now. See what happens as she turns 6 and then decide. It should be obvious when they’re moving kids to team for L3. If they don’t move her, then leave.
  2. Seeker

    WAG Chellsie Memmel Comeback??

    She is pretty awesome
  3. Seeker

    WAG How is your workplace complying?

    1. My business is in the essential goods category B) No *parts of our business are but my role is not 2. Please respond with your work situation during this time - A) Mandatory shut down - all must work at home unless your job requires you to be physically there 3. Are you working at home? A)...
  4. Seeker

    WAG Break and older L9/10's?

    This is what my daughter’s gym is doing. Not everyone signed up for it, but for those that did they do it on zoom and they are divided by levels (compulsory, lower optional, upper optional). It’s helpful to keep the kids connected and on a bit of a schedule.
  5. Seeker

    WAG Post season meets and Coronavirus

    People are preparing to be quarantined and/or locked in place if govt or municipalities restrict that to contain the spread of the virus. If you’re home bound for a long period of time without the ability to leave or have things delivered, you need those staples.
  6. Seeker

    Going back to gymnastics after 3 years...

    I’d let her try if her coaches are on board. She’s got a good while to ease back in to training before competition season next year, so it might work out perfectly.
  7. Seeker

    For Parents Confused about levels in competition.

    Perhaps to get a JO mobility score so that they can switch over at the higher levels.
  8. Seeker

    For Parents Return after 1 1/2 years off?

    Now would be a great time to start back as it would give her about a year of training time to get ready. Lower pressure but can be back in team atmosphere too. I’d give it a go.
  9. Seeker

    For Parents maybe broken toe?

    Definitely get an x-ray.
  10. Seeker

    WAG Which kind of gym is better?

    1, depending on your goals. But rushing bigger skills is never really a good idea.
  11. Seeker

    For Parents Sick over decision to do JO

    Do JO. You can always drop back to Xcel if she doesn’t want the hours or that doesn’t work for your family. It is much harder to move into JO and many gyms don’t/won’t allow it, so it’s important to understand how your gym manages that before you decide.
  12. Seeker

    WAG Tryout for JO Compulsory

    Good luck to her! She will do fine - I love her spunky spirit.
  13. Seeker

    WAG Can a gymnast be successful after gymnast wrist

    My daughter had it as a L8/12yrs old. She’s a L10 now and no longer has any issues. She was casted for 5 weeks and then did therapy for 6 weeks. She had her wrist adjusted by a chiropractor every few weeks for about 3 years to keep things in check. Once she stopped growing, she hasn’t had...
  14. Seeker

    WAG Level 7...or 8

    Honestly- do not worry about it at all. Just support her and hopefully she will have a great summer training and the right decision will reveal itself when the time comes.
  15. Seeker

    WAG Faehn in Australia?! Well this is news.

    So are you of the opinion that Rhonda should never work again?
  16. Seeker

    WAG Does hard work ever trump talent

    Super big congrats to both Yo and her coaches!
  17. Seeker

    8 year old dd switching from acro to gymnastics. Now xcel tryouts!

    Do not worry about that - my daughter started at 8.5 and was a L10 by 14.5.
  18. Seeker

    WAG Best gym

    It is very far away from the actual city and with traffic you’d likely be in the car upwards of 3-4 hours round trip. Totally not worth it for a beginner.
  19. Seeker

    For Parents Six months after retiring from gymnastics

    Really good to hear such a great update!! Glad she’s doing so well.
  20. Seeker

    WAG Best gym

    North side - IK Gymnastics South side - CITY Club Several Locations - Chicago Park District