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  1. Avasmom

    For Parents Possible switch to cheer

    The real reason she wants to try cheer is because of the social aspect. She goes 17.5 hours a week and we have a 30 minute drive so she gets home at 9 pm, eats dinner, showers, and does homework. This is no time to text or Facetime friends except during the ride home. Most of her friends...
  2. Avasmom

    For Parents Possible switch to cheer

    My daughter turned 13 in October and her world is changing. Her friend group is basically divided right down the line. One set of friends play volleyball and the other does cheer. This year she has watched as each group grew closer and she grew apart from them. School is different too. She only...
  3. Avasmom

    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    Region 8 here. We had a meet last month in Greenville, SC. It was virtual. We have another one scheduled for the end of January in Cherokee NC and it's face to face.
  4. Avasmom

    For Parents Puberty

    My daughter is 12 (3 months away from turning 13). She is definitely going through puberty. That mouth! OMG! I love her but I could definitely do without the sassy mouth. Our pediatrician does not think she will start her cycle for another 1-2 years. I know this has been discussed in the past...
  5. Avasmom

    For Parents ExtraOrdinary Athletes

    I'm proud of my daughter for always giving 110% even though I know she's tired of long practices especially when she's not feeling 100%. She also started middle school this year has maintained all A's, got student of the month for responsibility, has made new friends and kept the old ones too...
  6. Avasmom

    For Parents Need advice: I am dreading this meet season

    I don't dread meet season because I absolutely love to watch my daughter compete. I dread the falls on the beam that are bound to happen and how hard she is on herself afterwards but my dd has also been in compulsories for the past 3 seasons so it starts in Sept and ends in December for us. The...
  7. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 6 vs Level 7

    Hello there! My dd just finished up her level 5 season and is now working on level 6/7 skills. It was my understanding that my dd would do level 5 skip 6 (if she had the skills) and compete 7 next year. My dd tells me she is competing 6 (per coach) next year. Because most of the other girls...
  8. Avasmom

    For Parents Changing gyms? What do you think?

    Here's my opinion. My daughter was older when we moved gyms. She was in 3rd grade so a couple of years older than yours. She never said she wanted to quit but she did say my coach doesn't believe in me. She lets _____ and _____ do harder skills because they score high at all of the meets. So I...
  9. Avasmom

    For Parents My daughter is scoring low for the second year in level 4

    Level 5 has been similar for us. My dd has not scored very high but she has consistently improved unless she fell on beam in every area so that is what I try and look at.
  10. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 7 or XP

    My daughter just finished up level 5 last weekend. Her coach has said they will either complete level 7 or XP next year depending on if they get all of the skills required for level 7. We were told at the beginning of competition season that level 5 is harder than level 6. I'm not sure if that...
  11. Avasmom

    For Parents Too much pressure

    My daughter started middle school this year. She's a type A personality and has always been an all A student even though she has dyslexia. She's in all advanced classes which I advised against and goes to gym 4 days a week for 3.5 hours and we have a 30 min drive back and forth so she has about...
  12. Avasmom

    For Parents Travelling to meets

    Thanks for all of the advice. We decided as a family we will not do this meet unless another family would be willing to take her. Even then I'm not sure she would want to go without us. She's 11 so it's a tough call. I found out the meet is optional anyways. Our gym has a requirement that a 35...
  13. Avasmom

    For Parents Daughter level 4 - need advice

    I was overly involved when my child did xcel. Looking back I see why. There was too much down time and not enough pushing the girls. Excel wasn't right for my daughter at the time. Once my daughter moved to jo she thought she would be able to compete level 4 but had no kip. Ultimately she...
  14. Avasmom

    For Parents Travelling to meets

    My daughter is competing level 5 this year until December and moving to platinum in January if she scores well enough in level 5. The first platinum meet is 16.5 hours away. I haven't even discussed it with my family (just got the meet schedule for the year tonight) but my thought is we would...
  15. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 5 Questions

    My daughter will be competing level 5 in September. I have read on CB the scoring is really tough in level 5. Her coach requires them to get a 35 at one meet and then at state which is in December to move up. Her coach feels like level 5 is really valuable. While I was hoping she would do level...
  16. Avasmom

    For Parents Panama City Vacation

    My daughter would like to train a few hours while we go on vacation. Any recommendations of gyms that allow this in the Panama City area?
  17. Avasmom

    For Parents Pain vs Injury

    This is so hard for me too. I think you just have to judge your child. My daughter never complains and has a high pain tolerance. My daughter was out of gymnastics 2 years ago for 6 weeks for jumper's knee. I thought it was no big deal. She told me her knee hurt. I iced it and told her to tell...
  18. Avasmom

    For Parents Progression

    I don’t know. We came from an xcel program so my daughter doesn’t want to go back to xcel. My thoughts are they are using it like 6/7 but I don’t know for sure. I am not at the gym often because we carpool and practices are so long so I just leave it up to my daughter to communicate with me. I...
  19. Avasmom

    For Parents Question about repeating

    My daughter didn’t repeat but she started off in xcel and competed bronze and silver then decided she wanted to compete compulsories. At first we (coaches and I) thought she would compete 4 until we saw how weak her bars were so she had to compete level 3 instead. Depending on how you look at it...
  20. Avasmom

    For Parents Progression

    My daughter finished up level 4 and is training for level 5. She has all of her skills for 5. The back walkover on beam is the most inconsistent. Last year the previous 4’s scored out of level 5 and did platinum. This year the new head coach feels strong about competing 5. She says there are...