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  1. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents Plantar Fasciitis

    My daughter had this as well. I bought her The X Brace from Amazon for around $25.00. I also bought her an inexpensive night splint. She is pain free now.
  2. lilmonkeymom


    My daughter has just been diagnosed with this. The only time she has any pain is when she is tumbling and running. She has been out of the gym for the past 3 weeks and is going crazy without doing gymnastics. Have any of you ever had experience with this? How long does is usually take to heal...
  3. lilmonkeymom

    Gym in San Diego

    Thanks RBW, We will be staying very close to Town & Country on Hotel Circle.
  4. lilmonkeymom

    Gym in San Diego

    Thank you very much Bog. I will contact them. My daughter pretty much lives in the gym so a week without training would be very hard for her.
  5. lilmonkeymom

    Gym in San Diego

    My daughter and I will be in San Diego for 8-10 days for the YMCA Nationals. This is a long time for her to be away from the gym. Can anyone recommend a gym in the area for her to work out at?
  6. lilmonkeymom

    anyone with a spare money tree?

    Fundraise on your own. If you know any area business owners ask them to sponsor your daughter. Organize a car wash and/or bottle drive. My daughter really wants to go to nationals in San Diego next summer so we have already started fundraising now. Good luck.
  7. lilmonkeymom

    make or buy a beam???

    My husband made a beam for my daughter. He used a 4x4 that is 8ft long. We put carpet padding on it and then wrapped it in microsuede. It is about 8 inches off the ground. She loves it and says it feels just like the ones she uses at the gym. Total cost was about $40.00 a a few hours of labor.
  8. lilmonkeymom

    price of competition leotard

    We paid $90 for leo and $75 for warm up suit and gym bag. Our gym will replace leos this year, not sure how much yet.
  9. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents Very sad girl...any advice?

    Thank you all for the great advice. My daughter and the coach talked tonight and they will stay in touch. She is an amazing young woman who had taught my little one so much. She made her a little book with all the "secrets" that she shares with her (like which muscles to hold for differant...
  10. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents Very sad girl...any advice?

    When I picked my daughter up from practice Monday night she was very quiet...very unlike her. When we got in the car I asked her how practice was and she burst into tears. Her favorite coach is leaving the gym next week. She just finished college and found a teaching job a few hours away. My...
  11. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents healthy gym snacks

    My daughters favorite gym snacks are carrot sticks and hard boiled eggs.
  12. lilmonkeymom

    Turning green!

    Good luck to you. You sound very dedicated. I hope you make deserve it!!!!
  13. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents Progress**Brag Alert**

    We compete in the YMCA league. Competition doesn't start until January so in the summer the work on skills and fun stuff. In September it will be routines. She is having so much fun!!!
  14. lilmonkeymom

    For Parents Progress**Brag Alert**

    I am so amazed by my daughter. She is in her 2nd week of Level 5 practice and has improved so much!!! She almost has her arial, back walkover on beam and did giants tonight. What a huge difference from level 4.:D
  15. lilmonkeymom

    Do people do alot of privates

    My daughter does an one hour private lesson each week. It has helped her clean up her rountines (which she can not really do in regulur training). At our gym private lessons are $25 an hour or $15 for semi-private lessons. They also offer a punch card of 5 one hour lessond for $100.
  16. lilmonkeymom

    Monthly charges

    My doughter trains 2x times a week for 3 hrs and 1x a week for 2.5 hours, she also can do 3 1 hour open gyms and we pay $105.00 per month plus YMCA memebership, but we have a family membership that all 6 of us use so I realy don't factor that in. She also does a 1 hour private lesson each week...
  17. lilmonkeymom

    YMCA vs USAG??

    We live in Maine and there isn't High School gymnastics anymore. The focus in High School has gone to cheering. My daughter dreams of the olympics but I am know that is not going to happen. I think if she stays with gymnastics which I think she will it could be a college scholarship someday. She...
  18. lilmonkeymom

    Most competitive age bracket

    I am in Maine and my daughter is in the YMCA league. We seem to have a high number in Level 4 age 9.
  19. lilmonkeymom

    YMCA vs USAG??

    As I stated previously my daughter competes in the YMCA league in Maine. What is the differance between YMCA and USAG? I believe we do the same routines. Is there an advantage competing in USAG?
  20. lilmonkeymom

    first competition EVER

    Good luck!! Most importantly have fun!!!