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  1. IrenicMom

    For Parents Fess Up - What have you bought

    We were given a folding beam back with Q was in the pre-team training. It's been used off and on over those last 3 years. She has a chinup bar in her closet, per her request a few years ago. She uses it daily. Beyond that? Nothing. I'm a big "gym is for gym" person. She's there plenty...
  2. IrenicMom

    For Parents Thoughts on meets were you think it matter what team leo you wear

    I think it goes both ways. I've seen "big gym" girls get big scores that don't make sense, and I've seen "big gym" girls who get low scores that don't make sense. Some judges seem willing to give some credit where it isn't due based on the name, and some seem more apt to nitpick the heck out...
  3. IrenicMom

    Would you pay extra at a meet for this?

    I agree that the culture of sports (**not** just gymnastics) is quite different in the US than in other places. However, given than athletes in many other countries are isolated and in many cases, removed from their families, in order to train, I'll take our skewed capitalistic society. It's...
  4. IrenicMom

    For Parents A little setback...but I think there is a silver lining

    So glad to hear: 1. that she was able to handle a childhood illness without more trauma to her body. 2. that she did so well at her meet and is continuing to have the positive influence of gymnastics in her life. 3. that the coach FINALLY saw the light!
  5. IrenicMom

    Would you pay extra at a meet for this?

    Bog - Keep in mind, though, that the proceeds from the meet are (usually) directed back to the club that hosted it to help supplement fees for the team. So, a lot of hard work to host is rewarded with lower costs for those same parents that put in the hard work. But, we (my family) also has to...
  6. IrenicMom

    For Parents Let the uptraining of new skills begin! :) New staff and changes lay ahead.

    How fun - and with a new (well, old, but new to them) coach, too! Uptraining started for Q this week. She loves it! My Q and your Em sound a LOT alike.
  7. IrenicMom

    Back from Capital Cup

    Sorry to hear it was tough judging, and maybe a little inconsistently so. Very frustrating. Sounds like it was quite a session to watch, though. Glad you were able to have some extra time in DC. One of my favorite "wander" cities!
  8. IrenicMom

    For Parents Daughter out for the season.

    Oh, no. I'm so sorry to hear this - I can't imagine how she is feeling :(
  9. IrenicMom

    For Parents New insight and yes I'm a coward

    I don't think you're a coward for not saying anything, but I do think it's time for you to begin distancing yourself from her. You've had several posts about the drama she brings to you, and by continuing to allow yourself to be sucked into it makes you complicit in her actions. I'm not...
  10. IrenicMom

    Advancing gymnasts

    Love this line!
  11. IrenicMom

    For Parents New to the Chalk Bucket

    Welcome! Jump on in, with both feet. I have a 5yo L3 daughter, as well as two sons who each play a sport/season (football, hockey, lacrosse and soccer).
  12. IrenicMom

    For Parents Very Scary!!!

    Definitely not a Region 5 thing. There are at least two gyms in the area that don't have a problem with parents staying to watch. There may be others, I just know parents who have kids at two of them. We're invited to watch 1 practice a month if we'd like. I go if she wants me to (and I can)...
  13. IrenicMom

    For Parents If you want a chuckle

    Cute - that shoot through/mill circle looks very familiar LOL! My daughter would be jealous of the grips in L4. She wants them **so** badly - mostly just because she wants to be just like the "big girls".
  14. IrenicMom

    Anyone want to list pros/cons to advancing?

    The "will my child move up" thread got me wondering. There seem to be two schools of thought on advancing compulsory gymnasts. I'd love to hear from both sides. I could develop a hypothetical situation, but I don't need to - I'll just use me daughter. I'll preface it all by saying - 1. I...
  15. IrenicMom

    For Parents Very Scary!!!

    Reason #237890 I'm appreciative of the "parents don't watch practice" policy at Q's gym. I honestly can't imagine sitting there for every single practice. That's 6 hours a week (for us, anyway) that I can be accomplishing things I need to do while she's doing the same. Plus, this way? The...
  16. IrenicMom

    For Parents Bad meet behavior/sore losers

    Tracy - same here. Which, when it was discussed, I thought "Well, of course! It would be rude to leave" and then we went to our first meet, and I immediately understood why the owner had to spell it out.
  17. IrenicMom

    How many hours of sleep does your gymnast get a night?

    DS, 8.5, 2nd grader, gets about 10 hours a night. He's up at 6 am like clockwork, has his entire life, so we try to get him in bed by 8. Once or twice a week it's later, due to sports practices. DS/DD, 5.5, Kindergartners, get 10.5-11, depending on if they sleep in (which for them is 6:30...
  18. IrenicMom

    Texting meet scores

    Most of ours have - if not name, gymnast's number, and score. We were at one, though, with the manual - and UGH. What a nightmare. They were all bumbled up - and you couldn't tell who went with what.
  19. IrenicMom

    For Parents Bad meet behavior/sore losers

    The other thing I can't stand is when teams get up and leave halfway through the awards. I get that they're long and drawn out. I get that you're tired (I am too, and so is my daughter!!). I also get that once your age group is done, it's "boring". But guess what? You're selfish, rude, and...
  20. IrenicMom

    For Parents Last Friday at the gym

    I will never forget the first time I witnessed this for myself. The parents observe from a balcony, which is then open to the gym. There was a dad a few seats down from me (this is when Q was still on pre-team and we were expected to stay) SCREAMING down to his daughter. "No, do it this way...