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  1. MK_gymnast

    Grips are slipping around wrists

    i know i already commented but i got my new grips yesterday and they do not slip at all. i ordered one size larger of the velcro (size 3) they are great i love them
  2. MK_gymnast


    I have all of my splits right left and middle i also have all of them all over splits
  3. MK_gymnast

    Grips are slipping around wrists

    I just bought new grips. before i even put them on i know they were too small but none of my coaches would listen to me. So know i have buy new ones because they were slipping on my wrists. i cant even do a kip without fixing them......the reson they are slipping is because when you grab the bar...
  4. MK_gymnast

    Make it or Break it

    Drills for front walkover on the beam I am a prep. optional gymnast and i have a front walkover in my beam in my routine,but the thing is that im really scared when i do it:eek:....but i still go for it. I need some drills to help me be more confident when i do it.;)
  5. MK_gymnast

    Giant Swing progressions

    thank you that helped alot!!!