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  1. T.Gymnastics

    Help! Need to know what a "B" jump is on beam

    3/4 jump, switchleg leap, I think a tuck half, a straddle if thats any better than a split. oh and a wolf jump is an A the last time I looked at the COP. does it need to be a jump? or just a B? If it just needs to be a B then a handstand straddle down was how one of my friends got her credit...
  2. T.Gymnastics

    whats your hardest skill?

    Well I am a level eight, and on highbeam it is a roundoff/a roundoff tuck dismount. but on low beam it is a cartweel handspring (yes this works strangely because i cartwheel and handspring with opposite legs).
  3. T.Gymnastics

    OT Justin bieber!

    I like Justin Bieber, I wouldn't call myself obsessed but I think he is funny and for some reason I just like his music. My favorite song by him is "Never Let You Go". My team and I performed a self choreographed (sp?) dance to "Baby" for our end of the year program so I am pretty much tired of...
  4. T.Gymnastics

    Level 7 front tumbling floor

    Correct me if im wrong but dont you need a plain layout? like roundoff handpring layout or something?
  5. T.Gymnastics

    OT The movie "Up"

    I thought it would be a really cheesy happy movie and so did my friend so we watched while we were snowed in. My friend, her mom and I were all in tears, but i still thought it was very good and very cute. I loved Kevin :)
  6. T.Gymnastics


    "Great works are not measured by strength, but by perserverance" -Not sure who said it, but my old coach (and favorite) gave it to me "Its something unpredictable, but in the end its right, I hope you had the time of your life" -Greenday
  7. T.Gymnastics

    help me (:?

    Lots and lots and lots of leg lifts. leg lifts on the bar untill you can not leg lift anymore :) i promise it will help tons
  8. T.Gymnastics


    I know right! The only explanation haha.
  9. T.Gymnastics


    Thanks :) I have always been pretty book smart, its the street and logic smart that is a little lacking on occaision...
  10. T.Gymnastics

    OT Alice in wonderland

    I liked the movie alot even though it did not follow the book. I liked how he used the exact jabberwocky (sp?) lines though. However i wish someone would make an alice movie that follows the book extremely close. I still thought that it was good. :)
  11. T.Gymnastics

    Malibu Coast Challenge meet report

    Congrats!!! good luck at states!! =]
  12. T.Gymnastics

    Another Level 7 Meet

    Yesterday we had another meet and here is how it went... Vault: 9.45 (my highest this year) 2nd place Bars: 7.3 (you may have heard before this isnt my strong point, so that is a decent score for me) Beam: 8.55 (I fell on my cartwheel roundoff so I could of had a 9, but theres no changing...
  13. T.Gymnastics

    Another Meet Report

    yea we actually competed that late... my coach says that they will have to pay a fine for making us compete past 10:00
  14. T.Gymnastics


    last semester i took Honors Government- A Band- A Honors Freshman Seminar- A Honors Conceptual physics- B This Semester Honors GP literature- B Honors I algebra- B Honors French II - A Honors Chemistry- B My classes got harder this semester. I used to get all A's untill highschool. but it...
  15. T.Gymnastics

    People getting annoyed with random gymnastics!

    haha yes! i have COGS too! =] but i try to refrain because my friends hate it, but its not like they dont do it with soccer and basketball, and softball. I think almost everyone suffers from sports syndrome
  16. T.Gymnastics

    Warm-blooded gymnasts?

    I do get cold sometimes, and i am cold in the gym alot, but at home i always am wearing shorts. If i get cold i put on a hoodie or a blanket. I just like wearing shorts. I go and put pants on and a coat if we are leaving the house though. At night i like to be a little on the cold side, so i...
  17. T.Gymnastics

    OT Quite possibly my favorite ad ever

    I saw it during the superbowl =] and me being the romantic at heart and the french II student that i am LOVED it! =]
  18. T.Gymnastics

    Another Meet Report

    Hhaha thanks!! i think thats actually why i did so well, I have a tendency of overthinking my routines ecspecially beam, and because it was too late i just let my body take over haha
  19. T.Gymnastics

    Another Meet Report

    We had our away meet this past weekend =] I had to leave school early so we could drive all day to this meet, then we got to stay overnight =] thus making it the away meet. It was my best meet by far for a long time We started on floor where I scored an 8.8. It isnt my best score but it was...
  20. T.Gymnastics

    Back Layout on Floor

    When she fixes the setting problem it also might help her to know that the layout position is easier to hit if you think about squeezing you butt.