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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Getting started with Coaching

    Hey I'm a 15 year old, wanting to coach pretty low levels, or rec... had a few questions.. How do you get started with coaching as a teen? Do you need any qualifications/courses? How much do you earn per hour on average?
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Travel meets are too much for us and I don't know how to explain that to the coaches... Do we get kicked out?

    We have 2 or 3 travel meets every year, and this is our second year competing. I have 2 kids in the DP (3 and 5), and they usually have a meet one day apart (e.g. Fri/L3 and Sun/L5), which means more expense for the hotel. The first travel meet was close and next to our state, so it was...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon Competing as an adult (MAG)

    Hey guys, i want to be a competitive gymnast. I started when i was 22, but i do sports since i was 16 years old. I dont know if its possible, heard many opinions about that. What should i do in order to use my time the best way i could? I Take around 3-4 gymnastics classes per week, and 2-3...
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon Inconsistent back walkover

    Ok so today I got my back walkover back after losing it 3 months ago and when I get home to keep practicing it’s usually a hit or miss. After I finally do it and I go for it again I can’t do it. I either land on my hands, land on my hands kick over but not completely, or land on my hands and...
  5. Anonymous Post

    Anon Gyms Chicago Area

    Hello, Our family is considering moving to the Chicago area. What are the best gyms? It seems like many gyms have closed or changed during/post COVID (Flips, IGI) and some allegations about certain gyms and coaches not acting appropriately. How would people compare IK and CITY in the city of...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Puberty Growth Spurt

    My daughter is in the throes of a major puberty growth spurt- ugh! Anyone else's daughter going through this right now? I have been reading through some of the previous posts about growth spurts which have been nice to read, because I know we are not alone in this, but wow- it has been a...
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon When does tough coaching cross the line?

    This topic of conversation has come up recently, and I’m curious to know others’ opinions. When does tough coaching cross the line, and is that line subjective based on the gymnast?
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon D3 College Gymnastics possibility

    My daughter has always wanted to do college gymnastics. It has been her dream ever she was 6 years old. She has had some major set backs so far so she is far behind others in her class. She graduates in 2026. She is competing xcel platinum but can do diamond routines (one level per year rule at...
  9. Anonymous Post

    Anon Finger positioning at the bar, rip prevention and tips for giants.

    I always grab the bar with my thumbs above it. Is that dangerous or does it makes things more complicated? I always get rips, maybe because of my thumb being not there with the other fingers (more pressure?). Do you have a tips to get less rips? Or to treat them right? I always have the feeling...
  10. Anonymous Post

    Anon Hand position on bars and rip prevention

    Is it dangerous to have your thumbs above the bar and not together with the other fingers? Does it make elements more complicated? Any tips against rips? How to not get them and how to treat them right. Is it possible to have more rips because of how I grap the bar? Any tips for being less...
  11. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front Handspring Vault for Level 6 Gymnasts.. mat height requirement?

    Our gym is doing front handspring vaults for all our level 6 gymnasts. They all had beautiful level 5 front handspring vaults that scored mid-9s all fall season, sticking landings, no arching, straight lines. But now for level 6 they are stacking mats to nearly the height of the table. So in...
  12. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel gold deductions questions

    Hi, What are the deductions in xcel gold for not completing the full turn on beam (she stays on the beam for the turn but it’s like a 3/4 turn instead of a full turn) and for stumbling on the dismount instead of sticking it? What about not having perfectly straight legs on back walkover on...
  13. Anonymous Post

    Anon Featured Anxiety Medication and Gymnastics

    Hi, my daughter really struggles with anxiety and just started a low dose of Zoloft daily. She is currently competing DP level 5. I know you hear of doping rules and restrictions on medications in the high levels but I wondered if there were any restrictions in these lower levels and also if...
  14. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel scoring

    In xcel, do the judges only judge the required skills or do they also judge the dance elements on floor and the poses and such on beam?
  15. Anonymous Post

    Anon Should my coach say these things to me?

    Hi everyone, I would like some opinions because I want to know if I'm just being sensitive or not. So to give an example of the things he says to me, I will use today's practice as the example: I am on vault, trying a new vault for the very first time(tsuk full). This is obviously a tricky...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Privates - Gym’s cut

    I recently learned that when coaches at our gym do a private, they only get 50% of the total cost. For example, if they do an hour private and the parent pays $60 then $30 goes to the coach and the gym keeps the other $30. I understand the gym is providing the coach with the necessary space and...
  17. Anonymous Post

    Anon Stop frivolous reporting

    if you wonder why Safesport takes so long to take action, it‘s because of all the frivolous reports being made by disgruntled parents and gymnasts that are clogging up the system and obscuring legitimate reports that need to be investigated. I'm talking about parents who file a report of...
  18. Anonymous Post

    Anon Seeking new gym??

    Would like to hear experiences from mamas who have looked at other gym options and ultimately returned to the original gym. Were you welcomed back/to stay? Did the process create any tension or negative effects? We want to do it the right way, be honest and upfront prior to venturing out. I...
  19. Anonymous Post

    Anon Documentation to Return After Injury/Surgery

    Does your gym require documentation to come back after an injury - personal and or gymnastics related? Sprains and being sore are common. But what about injuries requiring surgery and/or needing bracing/boots/crutches? Is there a uniform standard for returning after an injury/ surgery or is...
  20. Anonymous Post

    Anon In general, how accurate are mock meets in terms of scoring?

    Hi, does anyone have any wisdom to share about the accuracy of mock meet scoring? We are not new to competing but new to this style of mock meet - ours was judged by a USAG sanctioned judge but we were only given the score on each event, not any kind of insight as to what the deductions are. I'm...