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  1. Ingymmom

    Bigger Baby Bog back surgery update

    I am so happy to hear this Bog... Wonderful news for a wonderful kid! I am just thrilled she is able to be pain free. Tell her relax for now, she will be using those muscles again in no time at all :) x-ing fingers she will get on that basketball team. LOVE that she wants to stay active!
  2. Ingymmom

    For Coaches Booster Club Question/ How do you handle meet profits?

    Is the booster club hosting the meet at your gym? If yes, this is absolutely the most important reason why the club should benefit financially - you are running a business. Depending on the size of the meet, your gym's equipment is being used, you may have to close the gym from rec classes...
  3. Ingymmom

    deductions for coaches being on the floor

    no deduction for coach on the floor. As far as the coach spotting, it depends. If it is a landing only, it's .5. If it's for an element, value of the element +.5
  4. Ingymmom

    For Parents Introducing our new parent forum mod - Mariposa

    What an absolutely excellent choice! Congratulations Mariposa, and congratulations to the CB for a wonderful addition :)
  5. Ingymmom

    Split Leaps / Split Changes

    Kicks to work on active flex with and without bands - forward, side, arabesque, ring. Passive flex splits on the wall, and work on pulling leg away from the wall - again all directions. Split jumps with bands on the tumbletrack. Switch jumps with bands on tumble track. Split leaps on fx with...
  6. Ingymmom

    Level 5 judging... what are they looking for?

    Aside from the extra steps into the tumbling, there is some leg separation in the tumbling, insufficient leg separations where required - and some text errors. C did a great job though, and she is as cute as a button :)
  7. Ingymmom


    I just heard This breaks my heart to know - especially that I did not even realize. Love to Canadiangymmom &, and love to Rayna - All of my best to their family. I was just talking about her to a friend and someone said "you did not hear?" I did not... I am at a loss for words. My condolences...
  8. Ingymmom

    Gloves on Strap

    Dunno, can you say "why" you consider it or have heard it to be unsafe? Would love to hear your opinion on this.
  9. Ingymmom

    For Parents Switching gyms

    Netty, Just wanted to send good wishes for the gym change. I think you handled it wonderfully. I never would have said this before, as this was your dd's gym and she was happy for so long - BUT I am thrilled for the change and that you guys are moving on!! :) Lots of good luck!
  10. Ingymmom

    8 Year Old TOPs

    My daughter did them on her own on the high beam, honestly, I don't remember when exactly - probably around 6. I am sure she probably just saw the big girls doing them on the high beam and took interest and then wanted to try for herself. She personally prefers to do her continuous presses on...
  11. Ingymmom

    8 Year Old TOPs

    Hey girl - been forevah!!! I don't think the skills are so difficult and it may be fun for the girls to go. Livy will rock it next year! No worries there ;) As a parent I was most weirded out about sleeping away from mom if the child makes it to camp! LOL! But then again, it has been tough for...
  12. Ingymmom

    8 Year Old TOPs

    Thanks dear! School has been BUSY! lol, I hope all is great with you and fam as well! :) Hugs!
  13. Ingymmom

    8 Year Old TOPs

    I looked around a little, and had not seen mention of the 8 year old skills recently included in USAG TOPs, and them (8 yr olds) now being allowed to go to National Testing. So, I thought I would mention and ask: Are your gyms...
  14. Ingymmom

    For Parents The Bogs first meet tomorrow

    Its finally here!!!! Hooray for the girls... sending many, many good luck and have fun wishes to both girls!!:D Hope you guys have a fun and safe time Bog!
  15. Ingymmom

    Got the meet schedule, you'll never guess......

    Geeeeez, talk about last minute! Welll, sending those zen fairies Bog... and sending best wishes to both Bog girlies! Rock it!!!!!!!!! how is T doing these days? I am sure you have updated, but I don't read as much as I should....
  16. Ingymmom

    straddle jump ??

    To improve, perhaps your dd can try the ankle weights, & straddle jump on the tramp or the bouncy tumble track (I still have no idea what this is called haha). Also the stretchy bands on the gym floor work really well. Maybe her coach would let her do them before practice...
  17. Ingymmom

    For Parents The Bog Babies got....

    WOOOOOOT! What an awesome day for both girlies!!
  18. Ingymmom

    For Parents wish me luck!

    Seriously, if I had to do meet curls - I would purchase these... they are really cute, make the girls look even cuter - & take WAY less effort LOL.
  19. Ingymmom

    For Parents wish me luck!

    LOL, my advice? Purchase the sew in cheer curls heehee... seriously if they must be her own hair, I like the (of course) ION spray gel to high pony, then again with each curl into the conair rollers from Target, white squishy clothy material.. ok sleep in them and now the very most important...
  20. Ingymmom

    2009 World's Team

    Bridget Sloan Rebecca Bross Ivana Hong Kayla Williams alternates are: Kytra Hunter/Mackenzie Caquatto