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    For Parents This time it's final.

    No going back. We're done. Dd2 has been in the gym since age 3, on the developmental "teams" or competing since age 4. She can't remember a time without gymnastics, and now we're stepping into the great beyond. I'm a little nervous for her. Our coach is very sad. Dd2 has gotten some huge...
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    For Parents Roller Coaster might be dropping again.

    I'm pretty excited for this season, and dd2 has been working a lot of "C" skills for her level 8 routines. Then, last night, dd2 said she didn't want to go to Regional Training Camp (okay), and that she's thinking maybe she should be done after all. She just doesn't like having something big...
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    For Parents Update on my extra passenger

    Went with everyone's advice and let dh decide. It's pretty common for dd2 to squeeze in an activity between 2:45 when school gets out and 4:00 when gym starts. Dh just didn't feel like juggling in another kid when it's unlikely we'll be leaving for the gym from our house. It's more likely...
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    For Parents Would you take another kid to/from practice?

    First, let me say this is not a carpool. This family will never, ever provide any transportation. (FWIW, I would LOVE a carpool). You would need to take this teammate to/from every single practice, but it really isn't more than a few blocks out of the way. You are in the habit of taking kids...
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    For Coaches Level 8 bar requirement

    I know they have a choice of a turn (usually a pirouette) or a bar change with release (baille, toe shoot, straddle back). Could a giant full be used for the turn?
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    For Parents Well, my saga continues

    Dd2 thinks she wants to go back to the gym! And a month ago I'd have been thinking, "yeah, baby!" but let's just say I got used to no gym real darn fast. Don't miss the 8 trips a week across town (I'm not a parent who is willing to hang out for a 4-4.5 hour practice). Don't miss the tuition...
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    For Parents Out a month now; no answers

    All dd2'll say is that she just wants to be done. So, we're done. We're taking the money we'd have spent on gym travel and going to DisneyWorld. Sure beats a weekend in Milwaukee in February as a vacation destination. Here's the part none of you are going to believe: I don't miss it. I...
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    For Parents Tumbling class

    Dd1 wants to sign up for tumbling class this summer. I'm kind of surprised as she's the one who was really ready to be done with gymnastics. Of course I said "sure." It's going to be kind of weird as she'll be in a class with girls working back handsprings while she's working doubles, but...
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    For Parents Keeping my big mouth shut

    We had the farewell cake for dd2 yesterday, and then walked out of the gym. Since lvl 7 state, dd2 has gotten her back tuck on beam, a front giant, a giant full, a tsuk vault, and on Friday, her last day in the gym, she did a baille. Things just clicked for her once she got to optionals...
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    For Parents Why is this kid leaving?

    I know, it has to be about her, so I will shut up and vent to you all. Dd2 says she's just "ready to be done," and I'm going to respect that. However, I do not get why this kid is leaving the sport. She is in middle school and our middle schools have no extra-curricular activities, hence no...
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    For Parents DD1 starts WORK at the gym this week

    She'll be helping with the spring show. We're hopeful she can get some classes of her own this summer. That would be good for me, too. Dd1'll still need me to drive her to and from the gym, so I'll be able to visit my mom friends. Dd2 still thinks she's done at the end of the month and I...
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    For Parents And we're done!

    Wow. I thought I would be terribly sad. I was a few weeks ago, but now, I am just thrilled that dd1 is going to get a "normal" rest of high school. Naturally, the first thing she does is try out for an activity that trains early mornings (6 am)! She won't be driving for another year, so I guess...
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    For Parents Road to Regionals is getting really bumpy

    The coach resigned. Ugh. She's staying until the end of the season (either this Sunday, after regionals, if anyone makes it that far, after nationals). In the meantime, she's cut way back on practice hours. We need more practice, not less, as the competition gets tougher. Even though the...
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    For Parents The tears, the triumphs - State and on to regionals

    The day started with tears -- mine. It was dd1's last meet and could easily have dd2's. I told them each my favorite gym memory and completely lost it. I never cry, so both girls looked at me in stunned silence. Dd1 was very happy with her meet. She's state vault champion. Funny, because...
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    How do you qualify for USAG regionals?

    In Region IV, a level 8 athlete needs to score a 36.5 at state, although the top nine girls from each state will represent the state and compete in a separate session. Athletes with less than a 36.5 might be picked up to fill the slate. Level 9 and 10 athletes need to score a 34 at state...
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    I've been the mom of competative gymnasts for the last 5 years. I've got a level 8 (age 14) and a level 7 (age 12). My 8, who has always shown me that hard work and drive are far more important than talent, is done this year. My 7, who never set the world on fire as a compulsory, has suddenly...