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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    Okay. I'm sorry.
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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    My mother has already talked to my coach and she said that the prices haven't changed when they obviously have and do you think it makes sense that they raise the price 20 dollars more when it's the same amount of hours and days? I might have to quit gymnastics because they keep raising the...
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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    Actually it is a rec class, which they just switched because my coach has been telling me that we will move up and that we have to learn certain skills(which she isn't teaching and taking the time to teach us) to move up. I am very upset at this whole situation and I am trying to find a new gym...
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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    i meant the straddle on the bar and a forward roll off. and there are already l4 and 5 coaches so it's either this class or no class. Also, I don't believe she has the credentials to be teaching , which is why she doesn't teach anything higher
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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    No she is not the owner. I remember that my coach also said that when we had the schedule change she wanted to "stick with us because she loves our class". I honestly don't believe this and I believe she wants to stick with us because if she does she keeps her job. And on the spotting, she...
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    Do you think she is taking advantage of us?

    I'm sorry for all my posts about switching gyms and my old gym ripping me off. But i have another question and i would like your advice on it. So i am a level before level 4, i'm suppose to be learning the skills to be in level 4 but I think my coach hasn't been teaching me what i need to...
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    14 year old with 7 and 8 year olds?

    Thank you everyone but what if there aren't any other 14 year olds at the competition? and also the owner of the gym thinks it wouldd be strange to place a 14 year old with 7 and 8 year olds and also they were saying that the way you teach an 8 year old a skill is different from how you would...
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    14 year old with 7 and 8 year olds?

    hi so i just started gymnastics and i'm 14. i am a level before level 4 and at this new gym i want to attend( my old one wasn't teaching me what i needed, and overcosted us) the level 4 group have 7 and 8 year olds only. The teacher and my mom say that i am too old and my mom thinks it would be...
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    gym ripping us off?

    well actually i looked at their schedule and the higher girls go up to 500 a month. and i live in scottsdale
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    gym ripping us off?

    I have been in the same level for a a few good months and the prices are rising every month. I do the same amount of hours and less ppl have been showing up. only 4 girls in my class right now. overall girls have been quitting. Are these gym people ripping us off? right now for 4 hours it costs...
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    Is it worth it?!?! (close to tears)

    I have a huge problem. I am going into high school and i love gymnastics. I am a level before level 4, so i'm getting ready for level 4. I go 2ice a week and its already almost 300 dollars for 2 days 2 hours 1/2 each. When i go to high school i want to join the sports, like lacrosse and...
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    jammed finger?

    that happened to me except it was because I caught a football wrong and my finger had purple and blue bruises on it. I went to the doctor and it turned out taht a piece of my knuckle bone was dislodged from the whole bone order and it was out of place. it took like a month to heal it :/
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    Watching montages and routines of higher leveled girls :)
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    My roundoffs

    are really annoying because I just can't get them! My coach tells me that i need to make my legs go over my head, since they go to the side more. How do i make my legs go OVER my head and not to the side? I don't understand how to make my body do that because I tell myself too and it doesn't...
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    Too old to compete?

    woah thats almost like me! except i just started gymnastics when i was 13 and now i'm 14. i am on x4, or level 3 and i am a perfectionist that loves competition too. I really want to compete and i have most of my skills and i really don't want to be on a team with younger kids anymore.
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    I'm a perfectionist

    and my coach told me i need to stop being one because you can't be perfect at everything right off the bat in gymnastics. I am in x4 and i'm 14 and i just started last october. I have most of my skills but i want to move up as soon as possible. my coach said i might move up in 2 or 3 months. How...
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    What is the move called that the girl

    in the picture of the chat box and the general picture of chalkbucket is? its like a split handstand but one leg bent? whats it called?
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    how many squats and pushups can u do?

    I can do about 20 pushups and 40 squats, 20 wide legged and 20 with legs together
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    Why wouldn't someone want to compete?

    when people say they choose not to compete, why not? Just out of curiosity.
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    there's no crying in gymnastics.. right??

    but like do you cry infront of everyone? or in private