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    Ontario's Opening Plan - Gymnastics clubs on list of businesses that can open May 19th

    Details from Gymnastics Ontario - opening framework: GO Opening Framework
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    Ontario's Opening Plan - Gymnastics clubs on list of businesses that can open May 19th

    Our Premier, Doug Ford, announced details of "Stage 1" of Ontario's opening, which will start Tuesday, May 19th. The list of businesses that can open includes some amateur sports, including gymnastics: (emphasis added) Details are here: List of Ontario Businesses that can open in Stage 1 No...
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    MAG Boys Home Training Programme - Feedback - Covid Addition

    I'm just a parent (not a coach like the posters above), so you can take that for what it's worth. But I would say that your program is way too intense. And I totally understand that you want your son to succeed (what loving parent doesn't want their child to do well? It's a natural thing), but...
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    MAG Home Training

    My boys are doing workouts with the other MAG athletes from their gym via zoom. Three 40 min workouts a week. Plus next week there is a 1 h workout for pommel for the kids with a mushroom at home. And another 1 h workout for those with a chin up bar at home. Other than that, they do stretching...
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    MAG Ways to improve flexibility

    Also to add: I had to explain to him exactly where he should be feeling a stretch when getting into different positions. Turns out he was going into some stretches but wasn’t actually stretching anything. ‍D’oh! Kids! Also though it’s a bit annoying that none of his coaches made sure he was...
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    MAG Ways to improve flexibility

    I thought it would be a good idea to update my son’s progress. With the COVID shutdown, we’ve had more time to dedicate to his stretching. I also did a lot of googling to try to figure out what might help him. (I took him to a couple of people who really had no idea what to do for him. So...
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    For Parents ExtraOrdinary Athletes

    My son had his first competition last month. Second rotation was rings - and he had a really rough time of it. But... he is so positive and lets things roll off his back like they're nothing. Kept smiling and didn't let it phase him. Last rotation was floor, an event he usually struggles with...
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    Amazing! It looked like he was having a blast. :) My young boys idolize the big guys who do those kinds of tricks.
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    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    Sorry to hear that it is impacting your son in such a significant way. I'm not really sure there was enough thought put into this decision. In the email I received from GymCan, when I inquired about the changes, I was told that the fall cut off was too confusing for clubs, and that while they...
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    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    I'm pretty new to the competitive gymnastics world. My son, born in Sept 2010, is having his first competitive season this year. Last year, under Gymnastics Ontario rules, we was considered a 7 year old, since his age as of August 31st, 2018 was 7 (this was the cutoff date). Being considered...
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    MAG Ways to improve flexibility

    Thanks for the advice! I'll take a look at having him evaluated by a PT, and take a look at the videos.
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    MAG Ways to improve flexibility

    My DS is 8 and this is his first year competing (he was too young last year and could only do demo competitions). He is very strong and fairly well coordinated, but is probably the least flexible kid I have ever seen. In spite of working on his pike, straddle and middle splits for a couple of...
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    For Parents Advice Needed :)

    I've been a long-time lurker on this site. But the info you have shared about your DD's sleep apnea made me create this account so I could respond to this! My youngest DS was diagnosed with sleep apnea when he was young (that was a struggle in itself, as he didn't present with the "typical"...