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    For Parents Is two hours to much for a four year old

    If she doesn't want to go, don't make her. Maybe try the rec class again, and if she likes it, keep het there. If she doesn't like that either, then it's time to explore some other things. Or just stay home, play and be a kid :) She's just 4 after all. If she is talented at 4, she will be...
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    WAG Pit tumbling

    This! I have had many gymnasts with a fear of tumbling into the pit. At first we put a mark on the floor for hands and a mat in the pit that is floor level. Then we put a very thin mat to cover the edge between the floor and the mat. This way the gymnasts are less scared to hit the edge and...
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    For Parents Pigeon Toed

    One of my gymnasts used to be like this when she was little. It was a pretty severe case. Now she's 10 and the problem is gone. She went to physical therapy and started to do ice skating in addition to her gymnastics and that has helped her a lot. She's still doing both sports, but gymnastics is...
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    For Parents Featured Homeschool

    Oh, so High School starts a lot later here. That explains it! I live in a very safe Nordic country. All of the Nordic countries are like this. Kids can move around safely and very independently, even in bigger cities. We don't have school busses either, the kids just take regular public...
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    For Parents Featured Homeschool

    It sounds very different indeed! When does the high school start in Australia? Ours starts the year when you turn 16. I would find it very weird if 14 or 15 year old would need after school care! I think middle schoolers are so mature here in general. In here, some kids move out to live...
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    For Parents Featured Homeschool

    First graders (7 year olds) are usually offered before and after school care, but not all families need this. If one parent is at home with a younger sibling or works shorter hours for example the kids just walk home after school. Some walk to grandparents house if they are already retired...
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    For Parents Featured Homeschool

    This is an interesting thread! The whole consept of homeschooling is quite foreign to me, because I live in an European country where homeschooling is extremely marginal and only happens if a child has some very special needs or illnesses, or maybe sometimes when a child is severely bullied at...
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    For my own gymnasts, I would say beam series! Especially BHS LOSO!
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    For Coaches "Natural Aptitude" and Coaching

    It is definitely not needed to have personal experience of the skills you are coaching - not even in the higher levels. I personally know many many coaches, who were only rec level gymnasts but turned out to be excellent high performance coaches. And of course there are several former MAG...
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    For Parents Featured First giants

    For most of my gymnasts I would say: Spotted babygiants on strap bar: starting at age 7-8 Spotted giants on strap bar: starting at age 8-9 Unspotted giants on strap bar: starting at age 8-10 Spotted babygiants on real bar: starting at age 8-9 Spotted giants on real bar: starting at age 9-11...
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    For Parents Skills seem to be regressing as summer goes on

    This is super normal! Just breathe and give her some space. Her body is changing, it's very stressful to lose some air sense and coordination because of that. This is where mental blocks step in. She's likely having one right now. Only TIME and patience will cure that, and taking the pressure...
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    For Parents Split jump

    It looks good for a 6 year old! Fun ways to work split jumps for a young kid: 1. For this drill she needs 2 assistants. Parents or siblings work fine! Assistants hold pool noodles or something similar (like a stuffed animal) in the air, one in front of her and one behind her. Start at hip...
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    For Parents Age for ankle weights?

    Using resistance in conditioning isn't bad. It's actually very beneficial, when the conditioning exercises are getting too easy without resistance. But placing the wights on the legs can be too hard on the joints, especially the hips. And running and jumping them on can easily cause ankle...
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    Anon Cautious/fearful gymnast - your thoughts?

    Fear of going backwards is actually super common. Many gymnasts have it at some point of their career. So first things first - breath. It will get better and it's not too serious. The more you ask about it, the more stressed she gets, even if you ask in a nice and caring way, and that will...
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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    It may not be usual for high level gymnasts to take time off or cut down hours to do other sports, however, it' pretty usual that high level gymnasts get injured and require surgeries etc that take 6 to 12 months to heal, so it's actually pretty common that high level gymnasts "take a break"...
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    ChalkBucket Private Area On ChalkBucket Again?

    Could you add the private coach group? We used to have one here.
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    For Coaches Bars structure

    I remember you, so nice to hear that you are coaching professionally now! Me too! It's so fun, isn't it! To answer your question... It's a tough one! How many girls do you have in the group? At first I would make sure to end the previous event (for example floor) 5-10 minutes early to make...
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    For Coaches How to fix this handstand shape

    I have a young compulsory gymnast, who has a "weird" handstand shape. I only really paid attention to it recently. Her shoulder blades are touching each other in the handstand. I'll add a picture here: Do you know why she is doing it this way? She can't correct it in...
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    OT 2021 Best moments

    I'm proud of myself, because every day I'm becoming a better coach. I learn something new every week. And I'm not only talking about technical side of coaching - I'm talking about my new skills in coaching human beings, especially teenagers and how to best support them and be an important and...
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    For Parents Questions on coaching method being used

    Are the coaches giving the gymnasts tools to handle their frustration? Are they just asking them to hide their feelings or are they saying that having frustration, fear, anger, self doubt or disappointment is right and normal and we all have those feelings, but that we should learn to control...