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    WAG Why no baranis in WAG?

    My two cents as both ex-athlete/now coach of T&T and WAG... Baranis are worth 0.7 on tumbling, whereas a roundoff is worth 0.2. That's one reason why so many athletes in tumbling use them. More difficulty points! Additionally, it is quite easy to get a 0.0 deduction on a straight barani...
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    WAG New rule re Leo's and music

    I thought that was a requirement of sports acrobatics only. If it's not in the WAG FIG Code of Points, I highly doubt there's any valid reason for it to be filtered down to a national level.
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    Viral motivation

    Yep, have seen it, and in fact our entire squad program banks on this idea and is one of the reason why such young kids are doing some very cool skills and combinations! You used the motivation in such a positive way for the girls, thank you. It's nice to see coaches out there doing the...
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    How do you do a Cody on the trampoline?

    Happy to help, only I rarely can remember my login details so I end up doing a lot of reading and not much posting! With regards to strength, trampoline is very different to gymnastics in that strength is not a necessity in order to be able to do skills. It doesn't mean it's most definitely...
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    How do you do a Cody on the trampoline?

    First of all, strength is not a very important aspect in being able to do a back cody - most trampoline skills aren't. It's all just about knowing how to move your body. Secondly, do you have a coach, and are you doing trampolining lessons? I understand mucking around on tramps and...
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    For Coaches Discipline options?

    Oh, discipline issues. How I love them! I'm a school teacher as well, so it's amazing the difference from the sweet-and-lovely coach I was two years ago to now. I'm still sweet and lovely, but I'm so much stricter, firmer and happy to sit a kid out. I love scaring a kid with being all...
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    Gym Lockers

    Yeah, we have lockers, although you have to train 4 days to have one. There's not enough for everyone, so mainly the elites have them. What's in my Way too much stuff. I think, if I get it right: Training diary, spare socks, double mini shoes. Spare hair elastics, plenty of...
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    Australia camps

    Not sure where Warragul is, so that's no help! Generally in Australia I've never heard of an American-style gymnastics camps. Most gyms will run some sort of holiday program/training, for either their own gymnasts (in similar groups/levels and coaches to normal), or some reccy type thing.
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    split leap leg change to ring

    Are you sure she's not scared of kicking herself in the head? I have a teammate who frequently does that :) Some ideas that might help: practice a switch ring, without the head release - just getting the back knee bent. Also be practicing a switch Yang Bo; then it's simply a matter of...
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    adult gymnastics camp

    katy, I do elite trampolining - hence the 6 days (or 6 sessions, whatever - it's varying, depending on what's going on). That's made up of tramp training, dmt training, sports pyschology, physio, ballet, pilates, weights/strength and cardio! I'm 21. I do gym when I can, and when my body...
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    adult gymnastics camp

    I didn't either, because it's far too expensive (and I don't have the money) to travel to America just for that. Plus, I still train 6days a week anyway.
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    For Coaches Front saults on beam

    I've been training front saults for beam, and they're now ready to go. My big problem is that the landing absolutely KILLS my feet, it stings so much. My first day of them I did 4 from 4 to feet; it felt like my feet were bruised and I was in pain and unable to tumble or jump well for a...
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    Advice for money issues

    Or you could charge a gold coin donation to watch, or an "entry" fee for competitors of $5...that's what we do with our rec comps at our gym. You make it such a small amount, that with a large number of people attending, you still make a decent amount of money and don't any anybody about it.
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    adult gymnastics camp

    Man, to me, that's worth going over to America for! I've always wondered too, with maximum age limits. Normally they cut it off at 18, but if you were over that age bracket, and still were willing to work hard, would they let you in? also was thinking of coaching a camp like woodward...
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    gym clean-up

    Some hints: Always start from the top down - there's no point in getting the floors steam cleaned, and then getting all the crap off the rafters. It'll just get messy again. Always take as much equipment as you can out of the gym first Chalk eaters/other sorts of humidifers are...
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    Advice for money issues

    I can understand how hard it is for you; I'm in a similar boat! When I finished school I decided that I'd pay for all my own far this year, it's looking to be $4500, and that's before I make any national teams!!! (It'd almost be better if I didn't!). And I can definitely relate...
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    Random fears

    As suggested in other threads, most likely she has seen somebody else crash the skill badly. Some kids can't and should never watch other people fall (i.e. in a bloopers video), whereas others can take it (like me). Fear in gymnastics is real. Confidence and belief in yourself is of utmost...
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    For Coaches Holiday Strength Training

    We've FINALLY gotten to holidays (believe me, training 5 days for 10 weeks is draining), and I've had enough rest now that I'm itching to get back into the gym. I get to go to holiday training 3x in the next two weeks, which is enough (it is really important to let my body rest). However...
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    Long Time Gymn Fan/ Soon To Be Gymnast

    Hey Dani - Your story is EXACTLY the same as mine. Did rhythmic stretching in my room for 6months (Mum wouldn't let me do it), so got flexible. Was terribly terribly nervous to ask my mum whether I could start gymnastics again (I thought she'd be angry because I wouldn't make the...
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    For Coaches What Do You Look For In A Good Gymnast!

    For elite talent-ID'ing purposes (and this is with the input of many international coaches), chosen at 5/6: Physical: Shorter than average, small body (not necessarily thin bones --> too prone to breakage). Everything in correct proportions, although there's debate over this. Wide...