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  1. GYM0M

    Anon Featured College Recruiting experience, insights and opinions

    It was my impression that while college only allows for 4 years of competition eligibility, scholarships are actually 5 years, if needed by the athlete. Something else that might help, DD took a few unofficial visits when we were at a meet that was close to a school she might have wanted to...
  2. GYM0M

    Anon Is HOPES possible/worth it for my kid?

    I just want to point out that even if your DD is ready to compete HOPES in 3 years at 14, that still does not put her in the best positions, skill-wise, for the elite trajectory. Elite gymnastics is HARD…for those that are not ‘behind.’ IF it were me, I’d accept the invitation, but have no...
  3. GYM0M

    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    Wow, so many great stories in this thread! I’ve been kinda absent for a long while, but missed you guys!! 3 yrs-4 yrs: Mom-n-Tot/Rec gym 5 yrs: PreTeam, TOPS team 6 yrs: L4 (old) 7 yrs: L4 (new), TOPS Diamond Team 8 yrs fall: L5, TOPS ‘B’ Team 8-9 yrs spring: L7, L8 (one meet) 10 yrs: L9 (one...
  4. GYM0M

    For Parents Brag Moment!!

    Yes, but they were mostly local. There was a web article that talked about her gymnastics, but it was more a feature on the health of babies that had failure to thrive as infants.
  5. GYM0M

    For Parents Brag Moment!!

    Loved this feature so thought I’d share!!
  6. GYM0M

    WAG 2024 Commit Thread

    Me too!! Hahaha! She’s focusing on the upcoming selection camp at the moment so that’s her current goal.
  7. GYM0M

    For Parents Featured Young Gymnast - TOPS Elite track

    I can completely relate to what you’re experiencing. My dd has a similar background. Started a brand new TOPS team at the only competitive gym in our area at 5 years old. I believe we had a few more girls in our start up group though. At first it didn’t seem like much more than preteam in...
  8. GYM0M

    WAG Featured USA Gymnastics 2022+ TOPs Program Discussion

    Touché’….I wasn’t trying to be argumentative, more funny than anything. I remember my kids first TOPS test when she got a 0 for her, in my biased opinion, 5 perfect 7 year old casts. To this day, she still hates it when Dan does the casts at camp!!
  9. GYM0M

    WAG Featured USA Gymnastics 2022+ TOPs Program Discussion

    I dunno that I would use the term easier….lol…..I suspect they’re really gonna get them on form. They rather see 5 clean, perfect presses as opposed to 10 ‘made ‘‘em’ presses, but convincing the ‘judge’ that was a ‘perfect’ press is going to markedly harder. Just my opinion though.
  10. GYM0M

    For Parents Featured L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    Nope, not necessarily…’s rare, but it happens…..BUT it has not been easy or fun or even easy to stomach sometimes. Yes, we live in Texas, but it’s not the Texas that spits out Elites. I’d be happy to share some insights more privately. I believe some ‘old timers’ on here cautioned me...
  11. GYM0M

    For Parents Grips! for small people

    Josc uses Reisport grips. I think she competed up to L8 without any grips bc of her hand size. We kept her hands soft. Pumice stones and a good moisturizer. She’s only ever had two rips on her hands…..EVER. She rips more on her wrists though.
  12. GYM0M

    For Parents Featured Crazy Gym Parent Behavior (Yours or Others)

    Well then, I guess I’m crazy too, lol!! I’m not saying any names, but someone I know has gotten pretty anxious about this weekend’s event. It might have been suggested that she scratch, not by her though, but her dad and I disagreed with this decision. She’s physically ready, but I feel like...
  13. GYM0M

    For Parents First meet this season!

    Yep, she’s there now. It’s going well. She got to show most of her upgrades and is having a great time.
  14. GYM0M

    For Parents First meet this season!

    I knew the 1st time I saw DD practice her back tuck on beam that I was in for a bumpy ride!! If I only knew that was just the tip of the iceberg!! I don’t breathe when she competes…like at all. First meet is about a month away! First debut as a senior elite. I’m excited and anxious.
  15. GYM0M

    For Parents Shorts at practice

    While I agree gyms are free to set their own dress code, I do not feel that they can over rule this policy in their gym; they certainly cannot in competition. If a gymnast chooses to wear black shorts in competition, she can. This rule was made so that more would feel comfortable in...
  16. GYM0M

    For Parents Shorts at practice

    What @raenndrops said…Only black shorts are allowed in meets.
  17. GYM0M

    For Parents Shorts at practice

    Actually, this is an ethical and administrative violation. It can be reported under USAG’s Speak Up Policy as it has actually been added to USAG’s Rules & Policies. Feel free to PM me if you would like additional information on how to file the report.
  18. GYM0M

    WAG Tom Forster Stepping Down

    I think it is an impossible job for one person. I’m probably still a little naive, but I think a collaborative effort from all NTS would be most effective.
  19. GYM0M

    For Parents Questions about switching gyms for higher level of training…

    So, our family most likely has had the unicorn experience. When my dd started at her gym, she had BIG dreams at 5.5 years old, but we didn’t have a clue about much of anything in terms of college and elite gymnastics. They had one L9, who retired about 2 months after we started, two L8’s, and...