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  1. sun

    For Coaches Grip finger holes stretched too big/other grips stretching long after 2 weeks

    Normally I just have them add tape to the finger holes until it fits again. This isn't working with one kid, what are some alternatives? I've seen folks use rubber bands, how can I set that up? I'm also having lots of kids report that their grips are stretching out way too fast, like 2 weeks or...
  2. sun

    For Coaches Doing gymnastics without a car

    I've been walking 3 miles to and from bus stops to get to the gym 5 days a week for the last 3 years, carpool to meets. Before that, I saved up for a used 2008 Volvo that I got rear-ended in and totaled, and before that my parents paid for half of a 2002 WRX that I took to a mechanic who totaled...
  3. sun

    For Coaches Grip damage question

    Thank you very much!
  4. sun

    For Coaches Grip damage question

    The top part of her wrist guard is peeling a little.. is this normal? Too worn and should be replaced?
  5. sun

    For Coaches Cartwheel advice

    Nice, looks good. Look at the rhythm between her right/left foot at the end, her hand placement should match that rhythm, so still more staggered then she's doing now. She can also start trying to get both hands and feet on that pink line. It's normal, but I'd encourage her to choose a side...
  6. sun

    For Coaches Cartwheel advice

    Her hands should be placed one at a time, instead of almost simultaneously. It will look a lot smoother if she can make a 4-count with her hands/feet 1, 2, 3, 4. instead of 12 34 She should also place her hands a few inches further at the beginning. Fixing this will make the rhythm easier...
  7. sun

    WAG Vault table Level 5 2022 height

    g. Level 6/7 apparatus specifications: Vault table, base mat, mat stack, additional minimum 8-inch mat opposite table 1) Vault table: All age divisions may use the vault table at any manufacturer setting, with a maximum of 135 cm (+ 1 cm). d. Levels 4-5: All age divisions may use the vault...
  8. sun

    WAG Fear of Flyaway

    This is my low-spot flyaway progression. I think freezing comes from low-confidence in "what's going to happen" when you let go of the bar. If you think you're taking a gamble on your release timing every turn... -maybe I will go too close to the bar -maybe I will go too early -maybe I'll go...
  9. sun

    WAG Vault table Level 5 2022 height

    There isn't a required setting. A few guesses: 1. Keeping the same setting saves practice time = more vaults per day 2. Coach is training everyone on the same setting to a certain level of consistency before choosing personal settings. 3. Coach thinks there is a minimum requirement. 4. Coach...
  10. sun

    WAG Talking during practice

    My coaches would try to enforce this... I don't see how it's possible, and I don't see why you wouldn't want your team to socialize with each other. Just don't talk while I'm explaining to the group, and don't talk to teammates that are 1.Taking their turn 2.Next up for their turn Otherwise I...
  11. sun

    For Parents Recreational Gymnastics

    Enjoy it and cheer them on.
  12. sun

    WAG Gymnastics Arch Body Position: Suck in Abs and Squeeze the Glutes?

    One more thought - if you really aren't sure if the muscle you're targeting is tight or not, you can simply poke yourself. Tight muscles feel tight, loose muscles do not. Obviously not a good idea in a bhs, but you can easily check your tightness in a hollow rock.
  13. sun

    WAG Gymnastics Arch Body Position: Suck in Abs and Squeeze the Glutes?

    Squeezing your abs in arch position -to me- feels like a gentle "pushing outwards". It's gonna be hard to answer this though... Like "how do you move your arm?" It's all going to be electrical signals sent from your brain, and deeply personal. It might be something you have to discover for yourself.
  14. sun

    WAG Gymnastics Arch Body Position: Suck in Abs and Squeeze the Glutes?

    In both shapes, your whole body should be tight. In a hollow, your abs are more responsible for the tightness In an arch, your back is more responsible for the tightness.
  15. sun

    For Parents Picture/ video guide to skills

    Here's the closest thing I've found to a gymnastics video encyclopedia
  16. sun

    WAG Gymnastics Arch Body Position: Suck in Abs and Squeeze the Glutes?

    Do not suck in your abs, squeezing them is great. open your back and raise your shoulders up to cover your ears. Squeeze your glutes. what are your training goals?
  17. sun

    For Coaches Back Extension Roll to Handstand Troubleshooting

    Make sure their hands aren't bouncing off the ground at all; that they're holding their hands firm into the ground. A drill I really like is "back extension forward rolls" where they start the back extension, but they roll back the way they came so they can just focus on supporting on straight...
  18. sun

    For Parents Compulsory Coach Bios

    another way of putting it :)
  19. sun

    For Parents Compulsory Coach Bios

    I started coaching rec at 16 for about 2 years, shadowed a 25 year old for 2 years in level 3/4/5, then coached 3/4/5 on all four events at age 20-22, then 22-26 coaching 4-7 on only vault and bars which is where I am now, and I have a 19 year old who just started shadowing me. The cycle...
  20. sun

    For Parents Tap Swings

    We have flexed feet on a lot of our giants, even short gymnasts on wide settings. I talk to them about it and they tell me they're afraid of hitting the bar (even if they have tons of clearance) So... We're spending a lot of time on tap swings now. Adding in the counter swing to get the whole...