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    Anon Is HOPES possible/worth it for my kid?

    Honestly I would go for it if the meeting goes well. You only live once! And I think you said the hours would not go up or be similar (sorry can’t remember). If there’s no clear reason not to do it, and you set some ground rules for communication with your daughter about letting you know if...
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    For Parents Chronic pain/pain clinic

    I went straight to level red when I read that. I had the same thing happen to me. When I was a young teen doing gymnastics, my back started to hurt. My family doctor (who was a sports medicine specialist) told my parents he couldn’t find a cause for my pain and that I was likely...
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    WAG L8 to Xcel Platinum I think, maybe???

    I believe they’re referring to YMCA nationals.
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    For Parents Rips

    If you have to swing bars with a rip, make some tape grips to put on under your grips - they will help it hurt less.
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    WAG L8 to Xcel Platinum I think, maybe???

    Sorry, just want to add that I remember you said there didn’t seem to be any diamonds around, and in that case you may find the gyms around you have a bunch of high level platinums. So ymmv.
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    WAG L8 to Xcel Platinum I think, maybe???

    I’m not sure how it went from 8,9, and 10 go to sapphire, to choosing platinum. Diamond is the level below sapphire. And to put platinum in perspective, it’s the first level that requires a kip.
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    For Parents Assisted stretching

    I have done it, but only for muscles/areas that I couldn’t easily stretch myself. The 30 minutes flies by. I wouldn’t do it for your daughter. She just needs to be consistent and stretch every day. Short, daily stretching periods are better than one or two mega-stretch days per week.
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    Anon Stop frivolous reporting

    Just because they’re threatening to report doesn’t mean they are actually reporting, though. That’s terrible behavior - it would result in immediate dismissal from the team here. I would think word would get around that threatening a coach will NOT get you what you want.
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    WAG Washing leos

    I should have added that this is how I wash leos and shorts/tights for girls that are older and have a bit of funk when they sweat through a workout. If I were washing leos for a little girl, I would just use cold water and detergent and be done.
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    WAG Washing leos

    For practice leos: I wash them in our front load washing machine inside out on delicate. If there is something on the leo like crystals or sequins I also put it inside a mesh laundry bag. I usually wash on warm with defunkify detergent and hang to dry. I also throw any other activewear in...
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    WAG Grips

    Have you ever used a brush to rough up the leather of your grips? (Avoid the stitching!)
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    For Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

    This is a little bit of a sidetrack, but I don’t think it’s enough to have a talented kid and a coach capable of coaching elite. Elite coaching is a huge drain on a gym. Now you have a coach that needs to make trips to the National camps, etc - and if you’re really successful will be gone...
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    For Parents Concerns - should we switch gyms?

    It sounds like you know you need to leave but just aren’t sure how to make it happen. There are plenty of supportive gyms out there, and hopefully you are in an area with choices. As long as your daughter is doing safe gymnastics and isn’t mentally or emotionally suffering, it’s up to you when...
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    For Parents When is time to move on?

    I agree, but if I’m putting gymnastics first (and I do) and scheduling work and all other sibling activities around it, I really need it to not be a moving target, at least for the season!
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    For Coaches Gymnast’s Mental Block Cycle

    I wish I had the answer for you, but a couple of things stand out to me. One, the warm up process for her is pretty long. She needs a spot to warm it up on the tumble track. I would hope that she could at least start off doing it by herself over there if she’s supposed to be doing it by...
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    WAG Bending arms(BHS)

    Please, please stop doing those at home. You are going to hurt yourself. A good coach can spot you even if they’re smaller than you. There are also a lot of safe ways you can work a bhs by yourself *in the gym*.
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    For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

    Double bhc is fine. (Cast bhc, cast bhc is not.)
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    For Parents Fall on back chest hurts?

    Yup, sounds like it to me too. I broke a rib years ago but gutted it out - didn’t know until the bone callous formed and I felt a very strange bump on my back and freaked out. Turns out I broke it and it was healing “mostly straight” according to the dr. I was in my teens - young and stupid.