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    For Parents I just hugged the State champ

    Congrats to your DD!! So exciting!!

    WAG JO Nationals

    What an amazing routine! Congrats to her!!

    For Parents Life post gymnastics update

    Such a great update!

    For Parents Thankful

    Sounds like a great choice for her with everything she has going on. And I think she would make an amazing Coach

    T&T World Championships

    A big congrats to Kristle Lowell on her bronze medal. Love that triple pike!!

    For Parents Dealing with morning lack of flexibility and a meet

    My DD has a bath with bath bomb before every major competition.

    T&T World Championships

    I was also very impressed with the bronze medalist who may not have had super high difficulty but execution and landing were great!

    T&T World Championships

    Many that my girls follows on Instagram and knows in person made it to finals. So exciting!! Caden gave a spoiler on his Instagram on the team final but am taping it to watch later. Hope things go well for all in finals.

    T&T World Championships

    Was not able to find a qualifying stream. Nothing seems to be up on youtube either.
  10. JMACAZ

    Finding a good TNT gym

    Good luck finding a gym, my DD does T&T and loves it. Did lower level artistic before.
  11. JMACAZ

    WAG USOC moves to revoke USAG...

    I 100% agree with this. We have team members there now and World Age members leaving on Sat. Once again T&T has been devalued. Such a shame......
  12. JMACAZ

    For Parents Question about friendships

    ODD "retired" last season as an 8th grader. Started as an 8 year old 3rd grader. Still has her BFF from when she started. They are now in HS and BFF is still doing gym. YDD now 12 has a BFF from when she started gym at 6. They are both now in T&T. I am guessing they all will still be in contact...
  13. JMACAZ

    WAG Steve Penny arrested

    Burn it down, time to start over.....
  14. JMACAZ

    WAG Steve Penny arrested

    Love the term oxygen thief!!!!
  15. JMACAZ

    WAG Update: tomorrow is her last day (Perthes disease)

    I am so sorry. I have also followed her journey. I am hoping she can get her pain under control and find something else she loves. Please keep us updated.
  16. JMACAZ

    For Parents Am I a mean mom?

    I agree with this 100% and was going to say something along the same lines :)
  17. JMACAZ

    For Parents Broken radius and ulna

    My DD also broke both of these when she was 6 and had just moved up to pre team 2 days before. She was also in a long cast, medium cast, then short cast. Was casted for about 3 months. She was back in the gym with a cast a week after the break. I had to put a stop to her on high beam lol. She...